Beat the mid-semester blues with these award-winning apps!

1. Happify

It’s like having a life coach right there in your pocket! Answer questions about your life, what stresses you out, and how you’re feeling overall to change your mood and start living more positively.

Is one goal more important to you than anothers?

Happify lets you decide what you want to focus on - and then gives you articles and games to help you make those changes!

You’ll get handy reminders when it’s time to take a breather, saving you from worrying about trying not to worry.

2. Self-Help for Anxiety Management

We’ve all heard that journaling is an outlet for the soul. And when in doubt, now you can write it out electronically! SAM gives you an outlet to jot down what is causing your anxiety and then shows you relaxation exercises that might work for you!

3. Headspace

If you’re new to meditation this one’s for you!

10-minutes a day is all it’ll take for you to meditate your stress away without eating into your busy schedule.

Headspace shows you how to use meditation techniques to increase your concentration and lower your stress levels.

Major plus: daily motivation tips to keep you going — perfect for helping you make the most of this semester!

4. Pacifica

Hear that? It’s the sound of your stress slipping away! Pacifica gives you access to audio exercises and a daily mood tracker so you can see your progress. Be sure to use the apps chat rooms too to make connections with others who are going through the same things that you are. There’s strength in numbers!

5. Adult Coloring Book

Sometimes what you really need is to take a step back from whatever is stressing you out.

Rather than turning on Netflix, try coloring to satisfy and calm your nerves.

Don’t have access to crayons/paper? Electronic coloring books are becoming more popular and have been proven to relieve daily stress and give your brain a much needed break!

Adult Coloring Book has hundreds of patterns to choose to ensure you get the distraction that you need to stop stress in its tracks.

6. Mindful Daily

This app lets you start the day off right and gives you ways to stay on track as you go. With specified meditation and reflection techniques for morning, noon and night you’ll feel like you and your life have purpose and meaning.

7. Simple Habit

You’re in college and busy with classes, friends, work, and extracurriculars.

But what if you could meditate for only 5 minutes, everyday and start sleeping better, stressing less, and improving your focus?

Simple Habit will remind you to meditate at the same time everyday, quickly making this part of your daily routine.

8. Plant Nanny

Water is sooo important for a healthy mind and body. The more water you drink, the better your digital plant does!

And if you don’t drink as much as you should? The plant will start to wilt, and you’ll realize that you feel a little wilted too.

9. Self Checkout

Managing your mental wellness is a HUGE part of distressing. Self-Checkout lets you create a self care checklist that you can refer to on days when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

It’ll track your moods too so you can learn what stresses you out the most and how to combat it!

10. Breathe2Relax

Certain types of breathing can help promote relaxation! Breathe2Relax will teach you breathing techniques and how to use them properly so that the next time you get stressed, it’ll only take a few deep breaths and you’ll be on your way!

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