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Congratulations! You’re halfway done with the semester 👏🏼

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5 min readOct 26, 2016

You now know where all your classes are, how long it takes to walk across campus to get there and how long you need for a quick ☕️ detour.

You’re set in your ways and your studying game. Then you look at your calendar and realize it’s that time of year — enrollment.

What classes should you take? You want something that peaks your interest and helps you get closer to #NAUGrad 🎓

Don’t fret — we’ve rounded up some classes you might want to squeeze into your schedule.

HA 240- Restaurant Operations and Management

Hospitality starts here. First things first — did you know we have our own demonstration kitchen right on campus?! Can you say snacks during class?

Hotel and Restaurant Management introduces the basic principles of commercial food selection, storage, preparation, and service. Get your cooking game on and impress your friends (your mom will thank you too 😉).

PES 100- Fitness

Having trouble working gym time into your schedule? Take a PES class and you can have automatically planned workouts!

From beginning swimming, jazzercise and rock climbing, to bootcamp, yoga, and meditation — there’s something for everyone offered through the NAU PES 100 courses. Get your workout in while technically getting class credit!

#NoExcuses 💪🏼

GLG112L: Geological Disasters Lab

When the great outdoors is our backyard, we take advantage of it.

When studying geologic disasters, what better way to learn than visiting the actual sites. This class provides hands-on learning experiences with field trips to places including Lake Mary and Sunset Crater.

BIO 300- Human Biology

Mention science and some people’s heads spin, but these 6 and 8 week classes combine science and fun to make even the most daunting of subjects fast and engaging!

Bio 300 is a series of independent mini courses dealing with aspects of biology and human conditions. Topics include Flower power, Grand Canyon birds, and Human sexuality. Best part? They count as upper-division bio credits for you science majors 😎👍

CCJ 100- Intro to Criminology

Why limit your knowledge of the justice system to your weekends binge-watching Law and Order?!

In Intro to Criminology you can learn about branches of the U.S. justice system and the policies, processes, controversies, and challenges facing the justice system in the global world.

ANT 104- Lost Tribes and Buried Cities

Ever dreamed of unearthing treasured artifacts and wearing those awesome archaeology pants? Well… we can’t promise any ancient dig site field trips, but this class will certainly have you immersed in prehistoric cultures.

This course is a great mixture of amazing photos and spectacular history. You’ll walk away with insight on the rise and fall of the most influential cultures of the ancient past.

You can explore the ancient foundations of culture diversity among a variety of prehistoric civilizations including the Aztec, Maya, Shang China, Stonehenge, Iraq, and Iran.

And if you keep on going in this area, you can help excavate a site too!

PHI 223- Argument Analysis

If you enjoy the study of arguments, emphasizing analysis and evaluation of arguments as they occur in everyday life and want to go beyond this —

— then this is the course for you!

Argument Analysis teaches argumentative structure, and how to properly format, argue, evaluate and rebuke an argument.

Game on. Let the word smithing begin 👌🏼

CMF 124- Announcing for Media

Have a strong anchor game? Whether you’d like more experience or just want to try something new — this is the class for you.

This course provides understanding of the importance behind oral-aural process via electronic media. Students work in the NAZ Today studio and radio room — getting hands-on experience by practicing announcing for NAU’s news and radio stations.

TH 101- Intro to Theater

Lights, Camera, Action!

Get your feet wet and learn the basics of backstage life, scripts, and how to become a millionaire movie star… well, you’ll certainly learn the ins and outs of the biz!

In Theater 101 you’ll be introduced to fellow thespians and how theater has shaped our society.

Fun fact: Seamus Dever from ABC’s Castle is a Lumberjack alum and came through the Theatre program too 👌🏼

ACC 205- Introduction to Business Law

If you always want to know the “why” behind processes and the documents needed to support your claim, business law is for you.

This course provides an introduction to business-related legal, regulatory, global, and ethical issues. Topics include contract law, intellectual property, employment law, business structures, and alternative dispute resolution.

If you’re thinking about law school, this course will put you ahead of the game.

Here’s to new adventures! Have a favorite class?

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