12 Signs You Go To Northern Arizona University

When you live in Lumberjack Country, things take on a new meaning 😉

Life in Lumberjack Country really is one of a kind — from learning how to navigate in the snow to scouting out the best restaurants. When you’re a Lumberjack things start to take on a new meaning.

1. 65 degrees is officially shorts weather to you

2. Flannel shirts are a wardrobe essential for you

3. You’ve definitely tried slack lining at least once

4. Your Instagram is #GOALS because let’s be honest we have one of the most gorgeous campuses

5. You know there’s no better place for stargazing than right on campus

6. Snowbowl is your second home

7. You’ve mastered the art of building the perfect snowman

Pic: Mariah Soer.

8. You’re very protective over Pluto’s status as a planet (considering it was discovered at Lowell Observatory right here in Flagstaff)


9. You’ve gone to The Wedge late at night because you just really wanted pizza

10. You get excited at the first snow of the year EVERY year.

11. You know adventure is always right around the corner if you’re ever feeling bored

12. You’ve know to avoid Milton like the plague during graduation. And for that matter, Target during move-in week too.

… But most of all, you know you go to NAU when you see the peaks and they are always calling your name

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It’s always a great day to be a Lumberjack! Join the conversation and share your #NAU story.

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