5 Accounts We’re Watching

Shout out to these Instagrammers 👏🏼

In the craziness of the academic year, we might feel stuck creatively and forget that sometimes the best inspiration can come from our very own partners across campus.

👇🏼 5 NAU Insta accounts we’re watching & loving👇🏼

NAU Abroad

Their Instagram bio has it all. You know what you can expect to see from them and how to connect with them and be featured 📸

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Collaboration & Coordination

NAU Abroad has mastered the art of the student takeover — showcasing summer abroad experiences from Lumberjacks all over the world.

This effort right here is what gets them our account to watch. If you’ve ever tried to coordinate student takeovers, you know how challenging it can be. From getting a student to reply back to confirmation of takeovers to sending account information — takeover’s are time intensive. You wouldn’t know that, however, by following their account. Their takeovers go seamlessly from one Lumberjack to another and make you want to change your job so you can get back in the #NAUabroad game 😅✈

What this account also excels at is using both Insta stories and the feed as part of their strategy. The feed posts showcases students overall experience while their Insta stories show the day of the life.

NAU Campus Dining

We 💙 the robots and we love what Campus Dining has been doing to keep the hype alive.

But what we really love is how Campus Dining used the features and flexibility of the stories but then turned it into a highlight so that it lives on.

Most importantly, it is a good example of how you can use the same theme/topic in different ways.

I Am That Girl NAU

This organization on campus focused on empowering yourself and others. It is no surprise that their social media embodies their mission.

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They’ve done an excellent job in tying their 2018 theme (bloom from within) with their overarching presence on Instagram. Even the icons in their highlight help tie the messaging back to their theme.

The club uses highlights to answer the most important questions our audiences have for organizations — mission, members and events. This simple, yet effective structure is a perfect example for all those looking to up their highlights game.

NAU UCAN Health Coaching

UCAN came to us about a year ago with a mission and we love watching their social media game grow. They have executed their vision for their social strategy flawlessly, but we especially want to highlight the ways in which they connected their Instagram Feed content with their Instagram Story content.

The Instagram Story below introduces a challenge UCAN put together for their audience.

But it doesn’t give away the whole challenge there. Instead, they masterfully blend the Instagram Feed content to correlate with their challenge, driving engagement from their story back to their feed and vice versa.

NAU Campus Recreation

Campus Rec has mastered the art of consistency on their stories. Each week someone from Campus Rec demos a workout that can be done and updates their Weekly Workout highlight accordingly.

Combining “how-tos” with the trends around fitness and wellness, these stories have been quite popular.

What strategies have you been trying on your Instagram? Let us know at Social@nau.edu

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It’s always a great day to be a Lumberjack! Join the conversation and share your #NAU story.

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