💛 Your Blue & Gold guide 💙

We might be celebrating apart this year, but we’re still together in Lumberjack spirit.

Celebrate the blue and gold, wherever you may be with our NAU spirit kit.

Get your FREE professional photo

Commencement is fast-approaching. It’s time to celebrate your incredible accomplishments with a professional photo sitting and receive a 5x7 print — all for free!

Sittings will be taking place across the state on March 24 and 25.

Each location will also be hosting a drawing for a Grad Images gift card and #NAUAlumni swag.

What matters most? A like, save, comment or share

Still longing for the days of a chronologic feed? Us too! While we can’t get those days back, we CAN dig into the algorithm to see what factors influence what we see on Instagram.

First up — we’ll tackle Insta feed.

There are 6 key factors that influence the Instagram algorithm for feed posts:

1. Interest

Your feed is consistent with all of the content you engage with — not only on the accounts that you follow.

The more often you like a certain type of post — for example nature photos in the Northern Arizona area or NAU-related content…

Take one & pass it on

Love is in the air and we’ve got you covered with digital and print cards! Take your pick and share the Lumberjack love 💛💙

Roses are red,

Violets are blue —

Happy Valentine’s from NAU!

Digital grams — Save, text, post

I’m axing you to be mine

Northern Arizona University is a place where students meet, study and fall in love too💛💙

Stories from those who’ve fallen for their fellow Jacks 💛💙

Start Your Year Off with a Dose of Positivity

A New Year — new hopes and dreams.

Get your year started off right, by starting your day out right.

Just as you fuel your body with good for you foods, fuel your brain with positive thoughts. In the process you can rewire your brain to become more positive.

“Tell yourself that this year, there isn’t going to be a single day where you don’t do something that positively feeds your mind.

Even if it’s as minuscule as reading for 10 minutes a day. Even if it’s meditating for 10 minutes every morning. Think that’s too much? …

A Look Back at 2020 & What’s On the Horizon

Team Reflections — What worked well in 2020 & what will take the spotlight in 2021

Becca | NAU Social sophomore

2020 was the weirdest yet most innovative year regarding the social and digital world. We learned to adapt, to overcome, to create, and most importantly to connect with one another in these unusual times.

Tiktok has been a major factor in the digital world this year, which has undoubtedly influenced new trends and creators that will leave a lasting impact from here and beyond.

Whether quarantine led you to download the app or you were an OG user, I think there’s something for everyone…

By Karringtan Bell

Fall 2020 has finally come to a close. This semester was the semester of CHANGE — whether you had all online classes or a mixture of online and in-person. For me, the majority of my classes were online — which I’ve never had before.

At first, it was a huge adjustment not being able to physically connect with my professors and classmates.

All the extra screen time was killing my eyes, which led me to purchase some overpriced blue light glasses 🙃

But toward the end of the semester, I honestly started to enjoy it.

Now that…

What to get the Lumberjack in Your Life

Merry Everything and Happy Always!

This holiday season, give the Lumberjack in your life a gift they’ll love AND use often. Our Lumberjack gift guide.


A Lumberjack wardrobe essential.

Everyone loves a great flannel shirt — it’s soft, comfortable and perfect for the cooler temperatures. Flannels = casual closet-pleasers that can be worn with everything.

Our seniors reflect on their time at NAU and what the future holds

Natalie Krafft, College of Arts and Letters

Q: Why NAU?

I chose to go to NAU for the location actually. I was like Phoenix is too hot, U of A is also too hot. I knew that Flagstaff has wonderful weather and I wanted to experience snow and wonderful fall colors. So that’s why I chose to go to NAU.

Q: What was your favorite class you’ve taken?

My favorite class would probably have to be the piano ensemble classes.

It was so neat being able to work on my pieces — both solo and collaborative works and to get feedback from not only my mentors…

Northern Arizona University

It’s always a great day to be a Lumberjack! Join the conversation and share your #NAU story.

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