A New Semester, a New Course Schedule

Set your alarms and fill that shopping cart — enrollment time is upon us!

Building the perfect schedule that meets your degree requirements — while still sparking your passion — can be a challenge.

Fear not your fellow Lumberjacks have weighed in and shared why these classes should be in your shopping cart.

But first — where do I find my enrollment date?

In Louie! Your enrollment date is listed on the right side of your student center’s home page. Having trouble? Try calling your adviser or the Gateway Student Success Center to find your exact day AND time.

Now that you know your enrollment date — fill your shopping cart with classes now (so you can enroll with just a few clicks) and build back up options in case your first choice gets taken.

Not sure what to pick? Here are some Lumberjack favorites 👇🏼

PRM 205: Happiness 🙏🏼 😊

This class allows students to submerse themselves in meditation and take a step back from the technological world. This is an eight-week course that does the trick to keep you on track through the rest of the semester.

FIT 100: Hydrobics 🏊🏼

Swimming for credit? Yes please! FIT 100 Hydrobics is 100% in the water, so bring your swimsuit and towel! Prepare to refine your swimming skills and challenge yourself and your friends in water-based workouts in the new Aquatic Center.

HON 240: Canyon Country Aesthetics:

If you’re an honors student looking to embrace your creative side, try HON 240 — where students can choose two out of four camping excursions. Learn about our Northern Arizona environment while getting a chance to explore your right-brained artistic side with the real professionals.

Bonus: You’ll be on field trips with NAU’s artists-in-residence. Yes, you’ll be painting alongside real professionals.

FYS 121: Politics of Dr. Seuss

Start your freshman year off right with an engaging discussion of the classics — Dr. Seuss that is! Throughout the semester, students discuss Dr. Seuss stories and their real-life meanings and parallels. Best part: by the end of the semester, each student will write their own children’s story! #official

VC 102: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Learn how to use various media software like the pros. This course is centered around mastering different Adobe products and is taught by a professional graphic designer! You’ll create your own independent project at the end of the semester and get your creative juices flowing.

ART 181: Sculpture I

If you’ve always wanted to know how to weld, this class is for you! Students learn the basics of welding and get to cast in aluminum and other mediums as well. Want more welding than you can fit in one semester? This class can be taken more than once and can be built into more credits!

Bonus: Your work may be shown in Beasley Gallery!

CST 151: Interpersonal Communication

Focused on the connection between self concept and communication between small groups, this class is for social butterflies and wall flowers alike. In order to successfully communicate with others, people must first learn to communicate with themselves. If you want a better understanding of how people interact with each other — this class can provide that.

CST 111: Intro to Public Speaking

Did you know the number one fear that Americans have is of public speaking? That fear is broken down in this course! From an introduction speech to the art of persuasive — students learn how to write and speak effectively and powerfully to a specific audience.

CCJ 101: Intro to Crime and Justice

Put your nights of binging Law and Order to use! Students learn the in’s and out’s of fundamental law, prison systems, and criminal trials in this interactive criminology course.

Added benefit: this is a liberal studies course, and can be taken even if you are not a CCJ major!

BIO 300: Human Biology

With subjects varying from Grand Canyon birds, to Human Sexuality and everything in between, this is a biology class that everyone will enjoy! Students learn how biology is found all around them and plays into almost every major.

The best part? It counts as an upper-division science credit and can be tailored to fit anyone’s interest and degree requirements.

HA 443: Advanced Food and Beverage Production and Service

Plan and execute food and beverage events while giving back to the Flagstaff community! Groups within the class execute specifics of each event and collectively chooses what charity or non-profit they choose to support. Learn how to successfully host an event while mastering community outreach at the same time.

PRM 325: Special Event Planning

Plan a large scale event from start to finish in this detail-oriented class. Previous semesters have worked on events like Sedona’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade! Each new class gets to select their own event and plan all aspects of it.

Have a class you think your fellow Jacks should take? Let us know at social@nau.edu! Here’s to a new semester — happy enrolling, Jacks!



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