The sweltering days of summer are coming to an end, the leaves are starting to change and the breeze is starting to get chilly. Here’s what you have to look forward to as the seasons change from Fall to Winter!

Stage 1: Monsoon Season

Be sure to pack an umbrella with you on your way to class — its not and early fall is known to bring rain, gray skies, and relief from the warm weather.

Stage 2: The Changing of the Leaves

It’ll happen gradually, but before you know it the mountain will have a faint orangey-yellow hue and everyone will be traveling to Lockett Meadow on the weekends to enjoy the sea of yellow leaves.

Stage 3: The real “Fall”

Leaves will fall from the trees and the once warm breeze now turns chilly as you grab your heavier jacket to head to class.

Some of your classmates will still be in flip flops on their bikes and leave you concerned for their toes.

Snow hasn’t fallen quite yet but it’s definitely on the way.

Stage 4: Winter is Coming

The temperature keeps dropping and you’re sporting that Lumberjack flannel look daily.

Then IT happens — THE. FIRST. SNOW.

A non-official student-holiday — the first snow (usually late at night) will leave a sense of excitement and wonder around campus as the first few drifts of winter settle on the ground!

Stage 5: Winter is Here!

Snow boots, scarves, and mittens are a must to keep you warm and cozy.

The winter wonderland is here and everything is beautiful, quiet and serene as you walk to class with your cup of coffee keeping your hands toasty.

And don’t forget about epic snow play too 😉

Share your #MyNAUview pics with us at and stay warm!

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