Dreaming about your room? Check out some easy ways to hack the dorm-life and make the most of your living space!

Untangle your cords

  1. Use binder clips to keep the cords you need right away on-hand and easy to grab! Just clamp them to your desk and thread the cord through the metal fastener to keep everything tidy and within reach
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2. Label your cords at the power source with bread tabs so you never unplug your laptop instead of your tv and risk losing your psych paper!

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Snack like a pro

When you’re far from the Union or in the zone — having snacks on hand can help.

Beat the hangry phase and keep your collection in an accessible spot — over the door 👍🏼

Tip: Use over-the-door shoe hangers to organize your snacks, produce, and cooking utensils! Keep them inside your wardrobe or closet door so they stay out of sight.

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Command Strips are life

Avoid damaging your walls with nails or screws and turn to Command Strips to hang all of your awesome wall decor. Use clothes pins and command strips to hang flags, tapestries, banners, and more!

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Become a DIYer

Get organized and create the most perfect workspace.

How to: Glue together two magazine file holders and lay them horizontally for an easy DIY printer shelf and storage area. Finally a place to store that extra copy paper and ink! Learn how to make one yourself here.

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Keep your papers neat

If you’re taking a full class load, it can get messy trying to keep your biology stuff in one place, your English homework in another, and your desk looking clean. Try plastic drawer organizers to keep each class in order!

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Did we mention Command hooks?

Use all available space in your bathroom area by hanging electric razors, curling irons, and hair dryers on Command hooks inside your bathroom cabinet door!

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Stay organized all semester long and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without these awesome hacks!


Looking for more dorm DIY inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board: http://bit.ly/Dormdecor to see what you can do with washi tape and $1 finds.

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Have a DIY dorm room hack we should know about? Let us know at social@nau.edu.

Good luck and happy planning!

It’s always a great day to be a Lumberjack! Join the conversation and share your #NAU story.

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