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NAU Social took a trip to the beautiful city of San Diego to attend the Social Media Marketing World conference. After lots of networking and learning, we brought back the most recommended apps from the experts themselves!


The DIY design secret weapon your whole team will love. Our easy to use brand tools will ensure your designs are used in the right way by your team, every time.


Make striking stop motion videos straight from your phone with the best stop motion video app.


Create awesome videos with just a few taps.


Be a story artist using this app to help you easily create beautiful stories by remixing your own photos or videos.


Makes it simple to record and create professional-looking videos on Windows and Mac.

Bonus: If you’re looking for free video assets, you can find some here.

Lessons Shared

Train yourself to start collecting consistently. This means saving content you like and filing it away for inspiration for when it comes time to create.

Work on condensing construction. You can do this by using the above apps to create templates that will help you maintain an aesthetic but cut time creating.

Lastly, combine creatively. Mix and match different elements you like from content you have collected.

Tip: Try this exercise

Find five accounts who’s content you like and write it down. Then from each, choose one element you enjoy best that they employ and then mix and match elements from each to create your content. Practice, practice, practice, until your own voice/style/aesthetic develops.

We get so hung up on trying to be original, but instead we should be focusing on things other people are doing well and how we can make it better.

Another big takeaway was that as we begin to work on Instagram Stories game, let’s not forget that these are stories and so we need a beginning, middle and end.

Don’t just tell your audience — show it.

Remember — authenticity always wins

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