From Flagstaff to Norway — a Lumberjack Love Story

Northern Arizona University is a place where students meet, study, compete — and fall in love too💛💙

From Flagstaff to Norway — Martin and Corinne’s story spans over 5,000 miles and proves that connections made on campus really can withstand anything 😍

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How they met

Martin and Corrine met in 2009 — Corrine was a sophomore studying criminology and criminal justice at NAU and Martin (who had traveled all the way from Norway) was visiting his brother, an international student studying on the mountain campus.

Martin had one month to spend in the United States and with his travel visa expiring, he planned to make the most of that time seeing the state’s attractions. That is until he met Corrine…

The two ended up spending most of their days together, building their relationship and getting to know each other along the way.

When you love someone so much you ____

When Martin’s month long visit was up, he returned to Norway and couldn’t get Corinne out of his mind. The day after his return, he applied to NAU (he knew a good thing when he saw it!) and returned to Flagstaff for the 2010 spring semester.

Amid trips to national parks, coffee dates, and hikes around Flagstaff, Martin and Corrine’s love grew.

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Ask Martin and Corrine what their favorite date around Flagstaff was and you’d be surprised.

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Corrine: Martin and I used to meet at the Starbucks across from the Hot Spot and would talk for hours! We were there for 8 hours one day :). I think meeting for coffee and talking allowed us to get to know each other better (Hint: it doesn’t matter the place, just who you’re with 😉).

Before they knew it, Corinne was graduating with a Bachelor’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice and landed a job in Cottonwood with Child Protective Services. Martin, with 3 semesters to go, continued to pursue his photography degree (check out his Insta).Summers were spent in Norway together and Corinne eventually got a job in Flagstaff to be closer to Martin for his last year of school.

Following Martin’s graduation in 2013, the couple moved to Norway. They returned to Flagstaff over Christmas in 2014 and to Corrine’s surprise… Martin proposed in front of Old Main.

Two years after that — a marriage in… Flagstaff 🌲

Yes, we’re all swooning right now.

So what is the secret to finding friends or love while at NAU?

Corinne: Live on campus, especially as a freshman!

Martin: Talk to people you have classes with and show up to group meetings etc. After a while you will start seeing the same people taking the same classes as you and then things just tend to work out!

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