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Live videos — are here to stay

People spend 3x longer watching live video on Facebook compared to regular video. Within the video realm, we carefully plan and strategize our content in order to optimize Live Video.

Our Facebook has always been about driving engagement. Live streams allow us to do just that — showcasing the campus experience AND allowing our audience to interact. Not only can questions be asked in real time, you can comment and share after the live stream as well, extending conversation and exposure.

Live video tips

While it’s nice to have equipment, all you really need is your phone. Don’t over plan or overthink or you’ll miss timely opportunities.

Practice makes perfect

Prepare and practice — Know what you’re going to say.

Prepare a script and share it with everyone involved. Not only will it get everyone on the same page, but help during those “I forgot” moments (which we all get now and then).

Connection strength — hit or miss

Test the connection to make sure it’s strong enough for the entire stream. Nothing is worse than when you lose your connection and kill your steam.

Lumberjack Tip: Turn your phone to airplane mode, and turn on & connect to the wifi to avoid disruptions. Do a test broadcast and select the audience to only yourself to see how it appears.

Promote and cross-promote your event in advance

Cross-promote on Twitter or other social channels with the link to your broadcast. Build anticipation.

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3, 2, 1 — You’re LIVE

Engage with your audience

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Always start with an introduction and engage with your users. Ask them questions and don’t forget to acknowledge questions received during the broadcasts and answer them too.

Tip: Have a pinned comment ready for people who join the broadcast in midstream. You can also tag team engagement so a team member responds to audience questions while viewing the stream from another device.

If you’re doing a Q&A, we recommend having two people behind the scenes! One person to be filming the live stream, and another to be watching the live stream (on silent) and reading the questions!

The follow up

Don’t forget, you can promote your live-stream after it has ended. Tweet out the link, include it in your emails, and don’t forget to answer questions received post broadcast.

Trial and error

If it doesn’t go as planned — it’s ok. We’ve had livestreams that were going great and then the connection faded and we lost everything. We noted what went wrong, how we could improve and moved on.

The most important thing — be memorable & have fun!

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