Join our Campus Dietician and RN for an interactive demo that will up your cooking game and nutrition knowledge too #Winning

Healthy cooking can be hard…

Especially in college — late night pizza at The Wedge, anyone?

Luckily, our friends at Health Promotions have you covered with healthy cooking demos year-round to make sure you’re healthy and knowledgeable about what goes into your body!

Meet Megan, our campus dietician

NAU’s resident nutrition expert — Megan Anderson, RD. — is all about helping you be the best you can be.

Have a food allergy or intolerance? Megan will meet with you and give you a dining tour of where to eat AND what to eat.

She also does monthly Healthy Cooking Demos where you’ll receive a recipe, go over to make it and get to eat the tasty creations too!

Bonus: What’s inside this dietician’s refrigerator? Find out here.

A sample of what you’ll be cooking

Not sure how to get these ingredients, what nutritional value they contain, or where to cook on campus? This demo answers all your questions too!

Get cooking

Let the pro’s teach you how it’s done! Sign up for the next healthy cooking demo and see what’s cooking here

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