Here’s Why You Should Find an On-Campus Job

Flexibility, location and a built in support system

by NAU Senior Janelle Dela Cruz

So you’re looking for a job? Should you look on-campus or off-campus?

My two cents: On-campus jobs are a great way to earn money while working toward your future.

You can gain various transferrable skills that will take you far in your career. Students with on-campus jobs also meet new people every day and form lasting connections that could benefit them in their future career and social life.

If you’re still hesitant — read on.

Why should I look on-campus?

While there are plenty of part-time job opportunities off-campus, the benefits to on-campus jobs are unbeatable.

1. Build your work schedule around your class schedule

Flexible hours are a must with part-time or full-time jobs in college.

On-campus employers understand that you are a student and your academics should always be your top priority. This means that your work schedule will be built around your class schedule and lengthy shifts are less likely to accommodate time for studying or completing assignments.

2. Location, location, location

Another benefit to working on campus is the convenient location. Travel times are minimal and heading to work before or after classes means your schedule can have less gaps. This will optimize your time since a college student’s schedule is always busy.

3. Meaningful Connections

The most impactful advantage that on-campus jobs have over off-campus jobs is the ability to connect you to new people. This could mean networking or just forming lasting friendships. If you are struggling to get involved at NAU, an on-campus job will act as your ticket to success!

How can I find an on-campus job?

Attend Office Hours

A great way to hear about positions is through professors. Professors are here for you beyond the time spent in their class.

Check their office hours schedule and don’t be afraid to stop in!

Talking to a professor may even uncover their need for a Teachers Assistant — a paid on-campus position.

Professors have connections all across campus, so making yourself known could present many opportunities.


An extremely effective way to hear about opportunities is through networking.

  • This can be as simple as keeping a professional relationship with a friend. They may work on-campus and be aware of new openings within the department they are in or ones that frequently work with.
  • Networking could also lead to great references when applying for a position since you have someone within the department that can speak highly of you on your behalf.

Just Ask

Lastly, a great way to hear about open positions is by asking in person.

If you are stopping by an office for other reasons, you can ask the person there if they know of any openings. There are many offices within the Union that have student staff members and are often looking for new additions to their team.

Asking about openings in-person also shows that you are taking the initiative to find an opportunity and will leave a great first impression with an employer.

Follow @NAUCareer on Instagram

The Career Development Center at NAU is a great place to find on-campus jobs and internships since they connect with other groups on campus. They often post about openings on Instagram as well as events they hold to build resumes, practice interviews, and talk to recruiters!

Keep up with their posts to learn about new on-campus opportunities.

Search on Handshake

All positions are posted on Handshake and FREE to all NAU students. Handshake can also be used to search for internships and off-campus positions.

@NAUCareer on Instagram

How do I use Handshake?

Handshake is made for college students to find jobs so it is very user friendly and searches can be filtered to show exactly what a student is looking for.

To browse on-campus jobs, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your NAU student Handshake account.
  2. Click the ‘Jobs’ tab in the top left corner.
  3. Select both the ‘Part-time’ and ‘On-campus’ filters to show only part-time jobs on the NAU campus.

When reading a job listing, there are a few key things to look for:

  1. The date the listing was posted — you will notice that listings posted recently will be labeled with a red box that says “Fresh”
  2. The application deadline
  3. The estimated salary

Below the quick information about the position, you will see the position overview, a full breakdown of the duties and responsibilities, and a button to apply to the position. This is all useful in determining whether or not you will be a great fit for the position.

If you want to browse internships, you can use the ‘Internship’ filter along with a custom ‘Location’ filter to search positions in Flagstaff or even back home.

Exploring Handshake can be a great way to jumpstart your career while also getting involved on campus!

Good luck and here’s to finding the perfect on campus job!



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