How To Stay Productive Between Classes

Depending on your daily schedule, you may have gaps of 20 minutes, or 2 hours — here are some ideas on how to stay healthy and productive between classes!

Chow down

It may seen like the most obvious thing to do between classes, but sometimes remembering to eat balanced meals throughout the day can be difficult when you’re busy! Plan a lunch date with your new study group or roommate to ensure that you stay fueled up and ready to go!

Hit the books

Re-reading notes or previewing lectures is a great way to stay ahead of your classes and make studying for exams a breeze. Head to the library during your breaks and make use of your time by actually reading that chapter your professor assigned for the night.

Visit the Rec

You already have access to use the HLC and gym facility whenever you want, so you may as well take advantage of it! Get a quick run in between lectures to jump-start your brain and get your blood pumping. Running not for you? Check out the group fitness class schedule and drop in throughout the day at the time that works best for you.

Attend office hours

Your professor probably put some hours and an office number on your syllabus, but have you ever actually visited them? Office hours are great for saying a quick hi to your fave TA or professor, but can also really help if you’re struggling in a class. Write down questions or topics you need more information on and remember that the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Soak up some sun

Flagstaff gets 266 days of sun per year on average — this means tons of Vitamin D is right outside waiting for you! Take advantage of the beautiful spots on campus as you wait for your next course. Heck, even take your shoes off and wiggle your toes in the grass for a nice relaxing break!

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Get ahead on your homework

Why leave all of your reading and quizzes until the evening? If you have an assignment that can be finished now, get it done! This will leave more time for leisure and relaxing in the evening — say goodbye to your last-minute procrastinating!

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With over 8 different places to get coffee on campus, you’re sure to find a place to get your caffeine fix during your down time! Kill two birds with one stone by taking advantage of specific locations — i.e the Scholar’s Corner in the library!

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Meet with an Adviser

Your adviser knows how to help you succeed. Want to graduate with honors? Check in with them. Need to get back on track to graduate? Check in with them! It’s better to ask questions now than wish you had later.

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