Keep Calm & Kick Axe during Finals

Our Lumberjacks share their studying strategies

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4 min readDec 9, 2022

You’re ALMOST through the semester… just one little challenge left until you’re free for break….Finals Week

We rounded up study tips from our students to help you finish the semester #NAUStrong.

Megan’s Study Tip: Flashcards 📑

Utilize Quizlet/flashcards when you can! This helps you to better gauge which areas you need to focus more of your efforts on.

Quizlet is nice because you can take it on the go with you — plus they have multiple learning features. This can be helpful when it comes to terms and definitions.

For organization — I like to separate my flashcards by chapter.

Janelle’s Study Tip: Study Guides 📑

My #1️⃣ study tip is to create your own study guide. It’s common for professors to provide a list of topics that will be on the exam, so I recommend taking that list and defining each term or explaining each topic to make sure you understand it.

I often do this on a chart that I make on a blank document with the concept on the left and the definition or explanation on the right side.

After you make the study guide, make sure you have time to review it or turn it into flashcards before the exam.

McKinley’s Study Tip: Reduce Distractions 📵

It’s easy to get sidetracked when studying. My biggest tip is to reduce distractions.

First, find a quiet place to study. I personally like studying in my room, but you can book a room in the library or go to a coffee shop in Flagstaff.

Disconnecting from my phone is also a big distraction for me.

I like to plug it in far away and turn it on do not disturb! Making my phone out of reach is a super easy way for me to prevent grabbing it and endlessly scrolling.

I also like making a checklist of tasks from most to least important so I visualize everything I want to get done.

Good luck with finals, Jacks!

Linda’s Study Tip: Prioritize Rest 🛏

While I know the stress of finals can lead to all-nighters and late night study sessions, make sure you’re prioritizing rest! I usually set times that I won’t do work past.

For example, once it’s 7PM — I am done with school work for the day. After that time, I make sure I’m eating a good meal, doing my skin care routine, any self care, etc. Of course along with this comes making sure you get a good night’s rest!

Sleep is so important, and I recommend doing your best to get that 8 hours of sleep each night during finals.

Your brain and body will thank you later!

Sheridan’s Study Tip: Teach the Content

The best way to learn is by teaching someone else!

If you’re able to teach the content to someone else who has no prior knowledge — it’s a good way to make sure you know the information completely.

Also, it can help to talk through your ideas and process them verbally, so teaching someone else is really solidifying the information in your own mind.

Hanna’s Study Tip: Make a Checklist 📋

My best tip for studying is to make a checklist.

Checklists help me keep track of what I have completed and what I still have left to do.

They have also helped me stay less stressed because they often show that I don’t have as much to do as I think.

Suzanna’s Study Tip: Study with Others 👫

Finals Week calls for remembering as much of the content in your class, but it’s easy to forget a couple of topics.

Studying or reviewing with someone else or a group of people can make it easier to cover and discuss all the content you would miss all on your own.

Two or more brains can be better than one when studying.

💙💛Kick axe at this finals, Jacks!! 💪 And when you need a boost of encouragement, remember this ⬇️



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