Life as a Social Media Intern: Allysia

Working with the NAU Social team has been an experience like no other. I have been part of the team since January 2016 and have not only seen the platforms grow, but have grown myself.

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Working for Social means hanging out with Louie on the regular

When I first began, I thought there would be a daily routine. Tweet this, take a picture of that, and so on. I could have never been more wrong.

The truth is, there is no daily routine because social media just happens. Student life is different every day and something to capture in a photo or video is always right in your face.

What is your favorite type of coverage to do?

I frequent event coverage, and have a ton of fun doing so. I get to go hang out with dogs at Paws Your Stress and call it a job. These kinds of events are what got me into doing live streams on Facebook and Twitter.

Honestly, anything that involves animals or food, you will find me at, with the biggest smile on my face.

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New Year’s in Downtown Flagstaff (left) SHRM Tasting (right)

What is your favorite part of being on the social team?

My favorite part of this internship has to be the connections you make with the other interns. We have such an incredibly talented team that is nothing but encouraging of one another.

Being able to work with people in my field, and tell they are just as passionate about their work, motivates me to want to keep learning and working with new and different social media platforms.

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A handful of the lovely interns

What has been your favorite memory so far?

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Some of my favorite memories are working the Running of the Freshmen by getting to the top of the Skydome to live stream the entire field, and dressing up as Louie the Lumberjack!

It’s a good thing I’m not afraid of heights, or mascots, or I would have missed out on some great opportunities.

What growth have you seen in NAU Social Media?

I love that I have been able to work with this team for such a long time. I have seen the before and after of Snapchat and seen our school be named #1 in social media engagement. Having that recognition and knowing I had something to do with it makes me even more proud to work with NAU social.

The multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) have grown in followers and amount of content posted. I feel the increase of coverage is what has led to the excitement for new students to come to NAU.

What advice do you have for future interns?

My tip for anyone looking to join the team is to go into it with a good attitude. We produce fun content because we have fun collecting it. There are endless events happening around campus, and this internship will open you to parts of campus you never knew existed.

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Get to know your surroundings! I got lost in the Performing Arts Building trying to find the Beasley Art Gallery one time, and I circled the building for half an hour. Now I know exactly how to get there; even a shortcut ;)

I never knew how much I could fall in love with this campus until I started this internship.

I am more than grateful to start on my fourth and final semester in the Fall, and finish my career at NAU on this team.



Want to fill Allysia’s shoes? Join our team here:

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