Life in 5: Kayla Morrow

Hi I’m Kayla a junior at NAU. I’m studying Strategic Communications with a double emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising.

Why the double emphasis? Emphasizing in both really helps me understand the entire communication and social marketing process — I love that I’m learning how to design advertisements and run a successful social media campaign.

I have an annual pass to The Happiest Place on Earth

I’m a Disneyland annual pass holder! I love to visit and explore the parks.

When I was younger, my family and I would get to the parks early and eat giant cinnamon rolls on Main Street while we waited for the rides to open. Since then, I’ve really branched out my sweet tooth — my favorite Disney food is a Dole Whip float! Pineapples are my favorite fruit, and it’s not a trip to Disneyland without a Dole Whip float! They’re so refreshing and good any time of the year.

My favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad because it’s one of the first rollercoasters I ever went on!

Lumberjack Tip: It’s also a ride that gives you one of the best views of the parks!

Twirling to Nationals

I’ve been a baton twirler for 14 years! I’ve performed in Disneyland and have been to state competitions.

When I was in the second grade we had a baton twirler come in and put on a show for us. Immediately I knew I wanted to learn how to do what she could do. I put in the hours and the hard work and have enjoyed every minute of it.

When I moved to Flagstaff, I found my current team — The Movement Baton Twirlers. I’ve done many parades throughout my time, but in the past year, I’ve started competing and have the opportunity to go to Nationals this July in Florida!

When opportunity calls ⚽️

I love soccer! I started playing soccer when I was four and played for 10 years. To this day, soccer is still an important part of my life. I’ll play intramurals for my sorority or I’ll go kick a ball around on south fields on the weekend.

My love for soccer also inspired me to apply for the Phoenix Rising FC. I’ve worked with them for a year now in their community relations department. Phoenix Rising is a new team, so I got to start with them their first year as a USL team. It allows me to gain experience in my future field, as well as letting me work for one of my favorite sports!

Always up for an adventure ✈️

I love to travel. One of my favorite places I’ve been is Victoria, Canada! Last summer my mom and I planned a fun summer trip and ended up in Seattle. Turns out with just a quick little ferry ride you’re in Victoria, Canada! I absolutely loved it because of the beauty and history that makes up the city.

I’ve also had the opportunity to travel a lot within the U.S., my favorite places being Washington DC and Seattle.

My favorite C’s: ☕️ 🐱

I love coffee & cats!

#ButFirst ☕️ You can find me at Macy’s European Tea House where I’ll be sipping on some coffee.

The other C- cats :) I have 2 cats names Tallulah and Milo! I got Tallulah about 10 years ago. She’s is a very sassy cat who loves attention. She has to have someone in the same room as her most of the time.

I got Milo 7 months ago! He’s a funny but loveable cat. All my friends have funny stories about him. He recently discovered going outside, so he has been sitting in the doorway, not deciding on going outside or staying inside.

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