Life in 5: Shawn Dixon

Hey Jacks! My name is Shawn and I’m a junior studying Communications. When I’m not exploring, you can find me DJing and always trying to be the best version of me.

Call me DJ Gingerbread Man 🎧

This is my first semester working as a DJ for KJACK Radio. Find me on 👉🏼107.1 FM. If you hear the Gingerbread Man — yes, that’s me.

I really got interested in music and radio through my cousin, who works for a radio station in Detroit. I love being able to express my personality, be goofy and play fun music.

I hope that if someone is having a bad day and they turn on KJACK in their car they will cheer up through my goofy personality and lifting up music!

I’m really hoping that next semester I can get my own specialized show, so send good vibes my way, please!

🗻 Catch me outside 🌲

I absolutely love the outdoors — which is why I spend most of my time outside!

My favorite place to hike in Flagstaff is Mt. Humphrey’s because, let me tell you, it is always a challenge and you will never feel cheated out of a good cardio.

If I’m not outside, I’m probably in the gym

I feel good when I push myself to reach limits. I always push myself harder than the time before. If my muscles aren’t on fire and I’m not covered in sweat, I don’t feel accomplished. I also hope that I can inspire those around me — just as my role model, Dwayne Johnson has for me.

Dwayne Johnson is one of the best characters you can think of. Despite being a beast in the gym — he is one of the most humble Hollywood actors you can think of.

When you look at Dwayne Johnson, you really just assume he has always been successful — however, he came from a really rough start. Despite all the people telling him he couldn’t, he rose up above all of the noise and became a legend. Now he is the highest paid actor and one of the most respectable men in my opinion.

I strive to be like him and inspire people like he does. I never want to be that guy who wants to knock others down, rather, I always want to lift others up. Leaders don’t bring people down, they create other leaders!

Family is my 🌎

Family means the world to me.

This picture was taken place on Easter of last year. Every year my family and I decided to take pictures together for memories. My family means the absolute world to me because, well they ARE family! We have been there for each other through thick and thin. Of course we still have our disagreements but in the end, no matter what, we will always support each other and have each other’s backs.

I believe in making life spectacular

I love exploring Flagstaff and beyond — ✈️⛵️🌄🌊

This picture is from a family vacation to Aruba. I am standing on the edge of a cliff where you just looked out at the ocean waves crashing down on one another. We went on an ATV tour and drove to the edge of the cliff to take pictures. Truly was a memory I will never forget!

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