🏔 Love at 7,000 Feet 🏔

At Northern Arizona University, students form career dreams, lifelong friendships and mentorships, and, every once in a while, their own love stories.

Here’s our round-up of Lumberjacks in love. 💛💙

Ashley Azevedo

“My parents met at NAU in November of 1994 and were married in June of 1996.

They actually met in Allen Hall, where I’m now living as a freshman.”

couple in front of “welcome to Allen Hall” sign

Sarah White

My husband and I met a few days before our freshman year started at a Meet and Greet for out-of-state students in 2013. We got married in 2013 and had our daughter in 2020!

Eric & Diana Schonberg

My wife Diana and I first met while attending NAU in April 1981. We met at Waldo Pepper Pizza and it was love at first sight! We were married in May 1983 and lived in married housing.

I graduated in December of 1983 and Diana in May 1984.

We will be celebrating our 39th anniversary this year. The memories we have from NAU are wonderful and NAU will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Leah & Tyler

“My husband, Tyler, and I met at NAU during his fraternity’s Sigma Chi Derby Days event in 2006.

One event they hosted involved a talent show. I represented my sorority, Tri Delta. He was running the event and had to check the talents. My talent was pretty talentless, but we fell in love.

We got married in Flagstaff in 2013. We have an awesome son named Brooks.”

NAU made it all possible.💙💛


My hubby and I met at NAU in September 1996. We were both student workers too — he worked at Cline library and I worked at Campus Rec.

We moved to California in 1998, married in 1999 and moved back to Flagstaff in 2017. He’s been a middle school life science and math teacher and I’ve been an RN for 23 years.

Amy Day

I met my now husband in Sechrist Hall as a freshman in 2012.

He asked me to marry him on April 4, 2016 in the place where it all started.

Now, knowing him for almost 10 years and being married for 4 has been the best time of my life.

Kaylee Nicole

“Met in 2017 at NAU! Getting married in July in Flagstaff.❤️”

I’m the 3rd generation in my family to have found my significant other at NAU.

NAU students showing engagement ring

Abby Whitley

“We met on my first day at NAU in 2015 and haven’t been able to stay away from each other since. We’re getting married this May 😍”

Megan & Mark DeGuisne

My husband Mark and I met and started dating at NAU during our senior year. Since then we have lived in 3 states, traveled to multiple countries, adopted a couple cats and a dog, and had twin daughters (who will hopefully go to NAU too).

family in front of Christmas lights

Lauren Rosales

“We met at freshman orientation in 2011 and kept in touch over the summer. We started dating the day after moving in for freshman year and here we are 10.5 years later!”

We got married in 2016 and did our first look in front of Old Main❤️

Matt & Laura Spilsbury

“We met as students at NAU in 2007 when Matt was the Homecoming King and Laura was helping with the Mr. Lumberjack Pageant as a Kayette.

man and woman

We’ve been married for almost 10 years now and have 2 kids. We work as a physical therapist and speech pathologist.”

Caitlin & Matt Petchel

“We met at NAU our freshman year in 2012 through our roommates.

I was on the dance team and Matt was my number one fan in the stands❤

We graduated in 2015 and got engaged at the Pinecone Drop on December 31, 2017. We got married in 2018 and just welcomed our first little Lumberjack this past November!”

Jordyn & Kyle

“My fiance Kyle and I met in a class our senior year, and being that we had similar majors we got to sit next to one another at graduation.

We’re getting married in September and always talk about how different our lives would have been if we didn’t decide to take that class!”

Bethany McElligott

My husband and I met while working at the NAU Skydome as Student Event Managers. He worked there for all four years of college, I worked there for two. We became fast friends and eventually started dating.

Shortly after we graduated, my husband took me to the top of the Dome to “take pictures” which turned into a proposal.

It was a clear yes from me and this July we’ll have been married three years.

Deb Walker

My husband and I met in 1998 at NAU and started dating in 1999. He played football and I was a cheerleader.

We got married in 2017 where all our college friends and family came to celebrate.

Go Jacks!

Allison Weston

“My fiance and I met at NAU in fall 2019 — we actually lived in the same hall (McConnell). We started dating January 16, 2020 and exactly 2 years later we got engaged in downtown Flagstaff.

Without both of us going to NAU, we never would’ve met, so I’m very grateful for that little coincidence.”

Kelly Martins

After being long distance, we reconnected at NAU in 2015, moved in together sophomore year, graduated and got engaged.

We got married in Flagstaff in October 2021.

My husband’s brothers each have an NAU love story as well! #LumberjackFamily

Kathryn Bell

“Met in 2011 and married in 2015 💙💛🌲🪓”

couple hugging a tree

Hannah and Mullin

“We met at NAU our freshman year and he proposed to me on February 6th, 2021 on the steps of Old Main!

We got married in June and are now proud NAU alumni!💙💛”

Erin Harper

“Met in 2001, married in 2005!🥰”

couple and a dog in greenhouse

Alyssa Harper

“My husband and I met while we were both performing with the marching band in 2015. We were both section leaders that year and have continued teaching marching band together in Maricopa, AZ. 6 years together this year!”

Bailey and Sara

“Met in 2017, married in August 2021"

Northern Arizona University students in graduation caps and gowns

Robert and Kim McDaniel

“Met freshman year 2016 , married August 2020”

Sandra Hill

“Met in 2009 😉 married since 2014. Raising two future Lumberjacks💙💛”

man and woman

Raymond and Emily Briggs

“Met at NAU in 2015, got married in 2018 and we are now living happily ever after in Colorado.”

NAU graduates kissing

Melissa Haider

“Met in 1994, married 2000. Our son goes to NAU now too.”

Kacie Kinney Cronk

“Met in 2007 married in 2009!🥰”

Michelle Pohlman Shepherd

“Met in 1997 in the NAU marching band. Still together today. Our daughter will be going to NAU in the fall. 💙💛”

Kayla & Colin Fewkes

My husband Colin and I met at NAU in 2016 and recently got married this past May!

Cesar Aguilar

My wife and I met at NAU — Class of 2016!

Helga Canfield

“Met at NAU in 1995 and still married today!”

Olivia Lovejoy

“Engaged the day I graduated in 2013!”

Lauren & Nate Phillips

“Nate and I met working at Student Solutions together. We’ve been together ever since and just got married in Dec 2021!”

Nikki Rohe-White

“Met in 1994, married in March 1997. We met in the Lumberjack Marching Band.”

Kristen and Simon Ching

“Met at NAU in 1996. This picture was taken in 2019 while trying to convince our daughter to attend (it didn’t work). We got married in Flagstaff in 1998. Still married today.”

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