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5 min readOct 2, 2018

Because sometimes you just need a change of scenery

The semester is officially in full swing and Lumberjacks everywhere are looking for the best spots to break out the books, spread out their notes, and get their brains busy.

But how do you know which spots are the best? Fear not, we’ve scoped out the best spots — on and off campus — for you to hunker down and study up!

On Campus

Health & Learning Center: Second & Third Floor

Photo Credit via @kristinaksenova

You may not know it, but the Health and Learning Center holds more than “just the gym”. From big comfy seats and wide window views, to colorful murals and even classroom spaces, the HLC has more than meets the eye. Need a snack during your study session? Check out Essential Blends for all of your smoothie needs or & the Green Scene Cafe for a quick bite.

The patio outside of SAS.

Located in the heart of campus close to your residence hall and the university union is a secluded patio that provides shade, shelter, and outlets (oh my!). On the south side of the Student Academic Services building you can find this hidden gem with tables, beautiful Adirondack chairs and enclosure from the elements that gives you that outside feeling while still keeping your books safe from a surprise rain storm. The perfect spot to read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee, and breathe in some fresh air!

Under any tree — literally any one!

One of the perks of living on a tree-filled campus means you have plenty of natural shade and greenery all year long. It doesn’t get more ‘green’ than grabbing a blanket or towel and setting up right in the quad! Get in touch with your lumberjack roots and get connected with nature while hitting the books. Think of it as a brain break and a study break at the same time!

(The new) Science & Health Building

If you need more North campus in your life, the Science & Health building offers a breathtaking view of the north quad through the many floor-to-ceiling windows. You’ll be able to enjoy the peaks in all their beauty while staying warm and cozy!

The DüB

Located in the heart of south campus you can find The DüB — the recently renovated state-of-the-art dining hall that offers 7 different restaurant options. Whether you’re cozied up in a corner or like a little food with your studying, the Dub is a great choice if you haven’t been to South Campus in a while! Enjoy a bite to eat or take a walk outside and grab a spot on the South Quad’s grass area.

Cline Library

Of course, you cannot forget Cline Library. Centrally located on campus with hours that coincide with exam schedules, the Cline offers private and group study rooms, large tables, and the option to check out laptops and other equipment you may need to get through your work flow. Bonus: When you need a caffeine break, Scholar’s Corner on the first floor has your back.

Off Campus

Campus Coffee Bean

If off-campus spots are more your scene, Campus Coffee Bean has perfected the integration of coffee, art, and comfort all in one spot. No matter where you look, colorful artwork and a close proximity to campus makes CCB a must-visit when you need a caffeine boost to go alone with your studies. Not into coffee? Campus Coffee Bean also offers over 170+different flavored teas!

Lia Leaf Tea House

Insta-worthy photo ops and soothing vibes await you at Lia Leaf Tea House. When you need a study space that makes you calmer while you’re there, this is your spot to visit! Bring your books, settle in, and try some of their loose leaf teas to get your mind centered and ready to ace that exam!

Macy’s European Cafe & Bakery

A local-favorite, Macy’s offers pastries made from scratch as well as fresh food & coffee all day long to keep you fueled through your late night study sessions. Grab a table inside or sit at their umbrella’d picnic tables outside for some fresh air while you munch away. If you haven’t visited this Flagstaff staple, you’re missing out!

Matador Coffee Roasting Company

Located on the corner of Milton and Butler, you can step through the roll-up garage door and find yourself in a coffee-lovers paradise. Pull up a chair, or simply swing by their drive through for your caffeine fix. Either way, you’ll be sure to be primed for your study session. If you’re staying for a while, make sure to get a pic of their famous “Roastery” light sign!

Starbucks — On campus and off!

Forever a classic — Starbucks has locations both on & off campus open from dawn til midnight to help keep you productive and on-track. Grab your friends and get your group projects done at their family-style tables while you sip on your PSL this semester!

No matter where your favorite study spot is, when you’re in Lumberjack Country you’re always bound to be in the right place 💙🌲💛

Did we miss a study spot? Let us know & study strong, Lumberjacks! 💪 #YouGotThis



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