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True love found at NAU


Amy and Alex Shelley (2001)

Although, the NAU Cross Country team is almost always performing at a championship level, in 1997 the team was struggling.

That year I was the only NAU girl that qualified for the NCAA Cross Country National Championship. Further, even though the men’s team had placed second the year before, only one boy made it to Nationals that year.

During that National’s trip, that one boy and I flirted quite a bit and hung out a lot. When he drew me the sweetest picture on the plane flight back, I knew I was starting to really like him.

This may have been because I had recently watched the movie Titanic, a big hit that year, and he reminded me of Jack. This is terribly cheesy of course, but I was prone to dramatics at the time. To me, it seemed accurate.

Following winter break we started going on what I thought were dates together. We kissed, talked, and I thought we were falling in love.

However, on Valentine’s Day, after dinner at central dining, he said “can we go upstairs, we need to talk.” I panicked, thinking “isn’t “we need to talk” code for “it is over?”

It turned out he just wanted to make our relationship “official,” even though, I thought it was already solidified.

25 years after “the talk,” our communication continues to be as quality as ever, but somehow, we manage to work it out. By now I’ve realized that even though our love story maybe wasn’t as cinematic as the classic Titanic movie of the era, it ended up being even better in the long run.

He is my person, and I don’t know where I’d be if we’d never made it to that National Meet. I think he’d agree, but then again, knowing us, maybe not.

“love notes” our daughter made for us

Jenn Glover

We left Phoenix at age 19 and headed to NAU where we were both students.
We got married up at Snowbowl — one of their first weddings! And lived happily ever after.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding Anniversary this July.

Now we have a daughter starting NAU in the fall — so life has come full circle.

Kate & Chris

When I transferred from U of A to NAU in 2008 for my sophomore year of college, I was rooming with a friend in a house on Ridgecrest Drive. As I didn’t have many friends in Flagstaff, I was very eager to get involved with the NAU community.

Turns out, a group of college students (including Chris) were our neighbors and we became fast friends. We shared classes together in the business building and would carpool to campus. We also enjoyed the pastime of “creeking” aka spending time at the beautiful Northern Arizona waterholes with good friends. Fossil Creek was one of our absolute favorites.

Flash forward 3 years and we’re approaching graduation. Chris and I would frequent Dime Beers at the Museum Club. Although we were no longer neighbors, we were still good friends and I would get so excited to see Chris every Wednesday. I even studied for a Thursday exam on Tuesday so I could go out and dance with him!

We had our first date at the Lumberyard and still remember the booth we sat in!

After college we moved to Folsom, California where we worked for a few years before returning home to Arizona where we are now based in Gilbert.

We bought our first house together in 2017 and got married in 2018 at the Edge of the World just outside Flagstaff overlooking Sedona.

We are proud parents of 3 cats and love when we can make a trip up to Flagstaff, especially to visit Snowbowl during ski season!

Flagstaff and NAU will always have a special place in our hearts for bringing us together.

Rick & Shannon (1994)

Rick and I were college sweethearts. We went our separate ways after graduation.

25 years later we found each other again and have been together now for 5 years.

Rick always says, “you were always Plan A.”

Evan Booth

We came to NAU together 2 years ago, then got engaged last year. Now we’re married!

Kaylee (2018)

My husband and I met at NAU in March of 2017. While dating we did long distance for 2 years. After he graduated we moved in together in 2020.

In July 2021 we got engaged at Disney World.

A year later, July 1, 2022 we got married in Flagstaff at Serendipity!

Fun fact: I’m the 3rd generation in my family to find a significant other at NAU.


He was the barista on north campus and I was the orientation leader who pretended to like coffee for months because I thought he was cute. We got hitched in 2018😊💗

Amanda & Beau

Beau and I met in 2019, we both completed our graduate assistantships in NAU Athletics.

We currently work as Athletic Trainers with the NAU football team.

We got married in Flagstaff this past January!


My boyfriend and I met at a club fair during my freshman year of college. He was running the Club Water Polo booth, which was exactly what I had been looking for.

Interestingly enough, we grew up 10 minutes down the road from each other but never knew each other!

Since that meeting, we have been the best of friends in the water and out.

We started dating my senior year and he also watched me walk at graduation.

4.5 years later I walked out with my nursing degree and my person- thanks to NAU!❤️

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