Lumberjack Spotlight: McKenzie McLoughlin

You might have seen McKenzie around campus capturing moments for #NAUSocial. Learn more about NAU’s Social Media Coordinator

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Tucson, AZ

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Blue or gold?


Flagstaff summer or winter?

I can’t decide! They are both wonderful in very different ways.

Summer I can hammock and play lots of soccer… Winters I can shred the fresh powder!

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Do you prefer the spring or fall?

Fall for sure!

When did you come to NAU & why?

2013 for my undergrad because you can an out of state feel for an in state price tag. I stuck around for some awesome career opportunities and NAU’s tuition reimbursement program.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

Grassy knoll behind Gabaldon- great spot to people watch and hammock.

Where’s the best place in Flagstaff to grab a bite to eat?

Pato Thai

What is your favorite picture you have taken on campus?

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What is your favorite picture on your phone?

A photo of be scuba diving in Malta.

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or Louie skiing on Snowbowl. The novelty!

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What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Work hard, eat well, travel often

What is one tip every Lumberjack should know?

Invest in good snow boots early on and make sure they are waterproof!

What do you want the NAU community to know about your department/class?

That we want to tell YOUR NAU story. Help us do that by reaching out and telling us about all the cool things you might be up to.

What is something students might not know about you?

I am extremely afraid of becoming stuck in an elevator

What is your favorite NAU tradition?

The Letters each fall with the incoming Freshman class. My year, we got rained out and had to schedule a reshoot.

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Describe your typical day on campus.

Get to work, check emails, drink coffee, check out direct messages, work on projects, connect with campus partners

On the weekends, where can we expect to find you?

Reading in a hammock, playing soccer, hanging with friends on a fun patio or binging a telenovela

What is your hidden talent?

I can speak Spanish Fluently and catch food in my mouth with a 95% accuracy rate.

I would listen to these songs on repeat:

San Francisco Street — Sun Rai

El Prestamo- Maluma

Shotgun- George Ezra

Buzzin-Alina Baraz

Summertime Magic- Chilidish Gambino

What is your dream vacation?

6 months traveling around a Central/South America. I just went to Peru for a couple of weeks and it wasn’t enough time!

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Something I can’t live without…

Music! Listen to my Travel Tunes Spotify Playlist.

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