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3 min readJul 21, 2020

Where do masks need to be worn?

🔹 in classrooms

🔹 all public and shared spaces on campus

➤ This includes meeting rooms, common areas, restrooms, elevators, buses, and outdoor spaces where physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain ➤

How can we make sure everyone supports the health and safety of others?


Move-in begins August 6th. Let’s role model what we expect for when students come back. We are all in this together.

What happens if you see someone not wearing a mask?

Use MASKUP to help with the conversation

Make the assumption the person is not aware of policy

“There’s lots of changes going on around campus — are you aware of the policy about masks?”

Ask questions

“Do you have or need a mask? Can I help you find one?

Support our campus community’s safety

“To slow the spread of the virus and keep NAU healthy, we need everyone to support fellow Lumberjacks by wearing a mask.

K — Kindly ask them to wear a mask

Kindness goes a long way. We are following CDC guidelines to keep our community safe — please join us in wearing a mask to slow the spread of the virus.

U — “U” wear a mask for me, I wear a mask for “U.”

We’re in this together

Politely remind them — wearing a mask benefits everyone

Please wear a mask to keep us all healthy

We are all in this together and need everyone to be part of the solution

Show off your mask and how you’re keeping our community safe with our #MaskUpJacks challenge!

Use hashtag #MaskUpJacks, tag us on social or upload your pics here!



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