My Life in 5: Nathan Bauder

Balancing the grad student and parent life

Howdy, NAU! My name is Nathan, I’m a second year grad student here studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling!

From cowboy to Lumberjack

I moved from Montana to Arizona to attend NAU. It’s been quite the transition! I really miss Montana’s rivers, mountains and the snow.

Why haven’t we had an actual snow storm yet?!

All things snow related aside — I actually chose NAU because the CMHC program (Clinical Mental Health Counseling) is considered one of the best in the West.

Now that I’m here, I’m loving it and happy to call Flagstaff home.

PS — Horses actually scare me but I pretend to like them because I’m from Montana.

Proud Dad 👨‍👦

Parenthood is a wild adventure, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My kiddo is 8 months old. His favorite hobbies include hide and seek & patty cake. Okay…they’re my favorite activities too…

Down by the river 🎣

There’s no better way to wind down or escape than to do some isolated thinking out by the river.

My favorite fishing spot is the Bitterroot River out in Montana.

There’s some great memories there for me.

Precise measurements needed

Horseshoes= an outdoor game played between two people using four horseshoes and two throwing targets set in a lawn or sandbox.

And let me tell you — it’s a very. serious. game in my household.

We’re pretty good at it, so it takes VERY precise measurements to figure out that I’m the winner. 😉

The most important time is family time

Family time is really important to me, especially now that I have a son.

Our favorite activity (besides hide & seek and patty cake) includes hammocking in the back yard while BBQing.

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