#NAUMoveIn Tips and Tricks

Tossing all of your belongings in a trash bag may seem like the easiest way to pack — but you (and your parents) will thank us for this later.

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1. Find a moving bin

Your residence hall will have plenty of large blue moving bins on hand to assist you in unloading your car and getting larger loads to your room — be prepared to track one of these down to help make the most of your trips to and from your new home!

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2. Enlist some help

Welcome Jacks — student volunteers — will be available to help unload your vehicles and drop off items in your room. Look for students with “Welcome Jack” T-shirts. They’re here to help!

3. Know where to go

With over 20 different residence halls on campus, knowing the best route to your hall on move-in day will really help. Find out how to get to your specific hall and where to park to unload using the NAUGo app → available here.

From shuttle routes to parking lots, you can navigate your way through move-in right from your phone or other mobile device. #ProTip: you can even keep up with Welcome Week activities including concerts, family fun, and more using the events calendar feature!

4. Pack your clothes on hangers

Avoid wasting time re-hanging clothes and taking up valuable car space. Put hanging clothes in trashbags — still on the hanger — and hang them in a snap!

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Lumberjack tip: Use the clothes to insulate breakable items in your car!

5. Pack your bedding last — so you can unload it first

Make your bedding the last thing you put in your car, so that it’s the first thing you take out when you arrive!

Having your bed ready to go will ensure your bedding isn’t laying on the ground, and then you can use the bed for extra space a you unpack.

Plus, the last thing you want to do at the end of a long moving day is make your bed!

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Still have questions? Watch our Move-In Day video

Good luck and welcome to campus, Jacks!

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