October = Cyber Security Awareness Month

Keep your information safe this October!

October may bring thoughts of pumpkins, candy and costumes — but there may be something far more sinister lurking out there. Use these tips to stay safe and guard your personal information during National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Fishing or Phishing?

Yes, there is a difference. Phishing is the attempt to acquire private or sensitive information, such as credit card and bank information, social security numbers, usernames, and passwords through emails and websites.

What does it really mean? Basically, they are after your money $$$

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Phishing scams = :(

If you happen to find yourself being a victim of a phish, one thing to note is that it can result in identity theft → applying for credit in your name (credit cards, mortgages), and/or emptying your bank account or setting up direct deposit to your account.

Let’s be real, we don’t think that we could be the victim of phishing, but it can happen through your own nau.edu email. The reality is that phishing emails are hard to spot because they appear to be a legitimate website or service you recognize.

Real or Fake?

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This may seem like a legit NAU login, but the URL looks very suspicious. Where is the normal appearing web address? Where is the locked “secure” symbol?

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In this picture, the actual NAU login is shown. The URL has a lock, the real CAS page, and a real domain. *Domain are the letters following https://

Tips you need to know:

  • NAU will NEVER request your NAU password in an email
  • When on a computer, hover over links to view the full URL, or if you are on your mobile device, long press the link to view the full URL
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  • Never click or download links (if the email or website seems phishy)
  • Check the reply address (This does not seem like a legit email address)
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  • If NAU needs to ask you something in regards to your NAU account, you will receive an email from Ask-ITS@nau.edu
  • STRONG PASSWORDS: Make sure that you have a variation of upper and lower characters, numbers, and special characters (!@#). An example of a strong password is: TwinkleToes267$ vs. a weak password: Password123!

How to Report a Phish:

If you do happen to find yourself “phished”, go to

https://phishing.nau.edu/phishReport/addPhish to rport it!

Need more computer help? Call NAU IT services at (928) 23–9294 or visit their webpage here . Stay safe out there this October, Jacks!

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