Oh, The Places You Can Go (With Your Dog!)

No trip is ever complete without a Lumberjack’s best friend!

We all know how awesome #DTFLG (Downtown Flagstaff) can be, with bustling shops, great eateries, and fun events — but wouldn’t it be a little more fun if you could bring your most beloved four-legged companion!?

Whether you’re looking for a place to sit down and eat, or enjoy a leisurely hike with beautiful scenery, here’s a list of places both humans and their dogs can enjoy together!

Biff’s Bagels

Located at 1 S Beaver St, Flagstaff, Biff’s bagel’s allows you and your dog to enjoy breakfast together in a cozy cafe setting. This place not only encourages you to bring your dog, it encourages them stay! The walls are covered from corner to corner with pictures of patrons and their dogs and are happy to accept more additions. Just ask for the dimensions of the photo needed and your dog can live forever on the walls of this establishment! Enjoy many bagel varieties with your favorite flavor of cream cheese, sandwiches, fresh coffee and other pastries. Your dog can even pick up a special bagel dog treat while you’re there ;). Biff’s is great place for you and your dog to start your day and then enjoy a pleasant walk exploring the rest of downtown.

Diablo Burger

Diablo Burger is a small local restaurant located on 120 N Leroux St and is a well-known flagstaff favorite! The restaurant features a wide outdoor sitting area where you and furry friends can enjoy a nice meal while soaking up some sunshine. The long wooden booths allow you to meet new people while dining on delicious burgers and fries. With cold water you can use for yourself and your dogs water dish or fresh beers on tap (for those humans over 21 years of age) you can sit and grab a drink if you you don’t want a full meal. Diablo burger has a wide selection of burgers cooked to order served on an English muffin, another unique feature of this local hot spot. Enjoy a great comfort food with your best friend next to a wonderful mural in this downtown gem.

Mother Road Brewing

For those Lumberjacks or #NAUAlumni who are 21 and over, Mother Road Brewing features a large patio that allows room to sprawl out and areas for your four-legged-friend to roam. Enjoy a variety of beers that capture the essence of flagstaff and the historical route 66. In fact, “The Mother Road” was the moniker given to U.S. Highway 66 by Grapes of Wrath author John Steinbeck and today still embodies the feeling of a road trip! Visit Mother Road Brewery in the evening to get the most out of the beautifully lit patio and relaxing atmosphere.

NiMarcos Pizza

Because who doesn’t love a good slice of authentic pizza?! Enjoy a slice with your canine companion and visit NiMarcos located at 101 S Beaver St. The heated patio where dogs are welcome is perfect for chilly nights in our little mountain town. With great pizza and friendly staff who will happily bring out water for your dog, you can enjoy a nice meal anytime.

Macy’s European Coffeehouse

Part coffeehouse, part eatery — Macy’s offers outdoor picnic tables with a walk up window where you can order a delicious coffee and pastry with your dog.

Walk up to the window and order and then sit down and relax or continue walking historic downtown Flagstaff with your coffee in one hand and confidence in the other!

Flagstaff Urban Trails System

If restaurants aren’t your speed, the Flagstaff Urban Trails System is a large accommodation of trails throughout the city available 24/7. You can choose to walk through forests, open areas, or city streets with perfect paths for any human or canine. A big dog who likes to run can have fun in the large trails and other dogs who prefer short walks and then going home to sleep can enjoy a quick stroll through populated areas. There are even some parts of teh FUTS that run through campus!

Barkmaster Dog Park

Of course one of the best places to take your dog is a dog park. Located at 3150 N Alta Vista Dr, Barkmaster Dog Park features a one and half acre fenced area for dogs to run around in within the larger Bushmaster park. With various play areas set up, dogs can run, climb, or just hangout in off leash areas. There’s also an area for smaller dogs and stations for water and cleanup so all your dogs needs are cared for in one spot!

Lake Mary

If your dog is drawn to water and loves to swim, this might be the perfect spot for you! Dogs can swim, ride boats with their humans, and even get up on a paddle board or two! Large grassy areas offer a great place for dogs to run around with lots of opportunities to spread out if you want a more private adventure. Beach areas are a great place to just sit and play a nice game of fetch into the water as well! With beautiful sights it’s easy to spend the whole day here.

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange is large bookstore selling everything from books and music, to games and antiques. Bring your dog as well as anything you wish to trade in for store credit! Whether your looking for a new read or just want to hang out in the cafe while your pup grabs a nap, Bookmans is a great laid back place to bring your dog on a quick trip.

Flagstaff Visitor Center

If you’re just arriving in Flagstaff, the best place to visit first is the Flagstaff visitor center! Dogs are welcome inside and you can pick up maps of places around the city and learn about other dog-friendly areas within the city. Located right on Route 66 the visitor center is a great place to plan your Flagstaff journey with your dog!

There’s no shortage of fun activities you and you dog can enjoy day after day! Did we miss a place you like to hang out with your pup? Let us know at social@nau.edu and happy exploring! #GoJacks

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