Plan It Out!

Stay up to date on all of your activities this semester by planning it out!

You’re into the swing of things. You finally know where your classes are and how to use your meal plan — but all of those assignments are starting to creep up on you.

Stay ahead of the game and stay organized with a planner!

Find a planner you love

You’re more likely to use your planner if you really love it, so find one that will let you express yourself!

Kick Axe in all that you do

Like these Lumberjack themed planner pages?— Print them out, stick them in a binder, and you’re good to go!


Planners won’t work if you only write down some of your assignments, so “plan” to use it diligently!

If you know it will happen or you want it to happen, write it down. This includes dinner dates, personal study time, and relaxation time!

Colors are your friend

Color-coordinating dates for exams, study groups, and club meetings will help you stay organized!

Try red pen for exam days, green for study groups, and blue for clubs.

Stay ahead of the month

A good habit to get into is copying down every due date, exam, and office hours meeting from your syllabus as soon as you get it!

#LumberjackTip Add reminders to start studying for exams or start working on your research paper a week ahead of time to give you a head start.

Vow to actually use it

Make time each day and each week to sit down and update your to-do lists and schedules. After all, your planner is only as helpful as you make it!

Kill two birds with one stone by getting to class early!

Have a planner tip you swear by? Tell us at



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