Professor Spotlight: Amy Hitt


Flagstaff, Arizona (now), Jonesboro, Arkansas (before)

Blue or gold?

Blue 💙💙

Flagstaff summer or winter?

Summers ☀️

Spring or fall?

Spring 🍃

When did you come to NAU & why?

I came to NAU August 2013 to teach.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The sunny second floor hallway of the COM building overlooking the First Amendment Plaza.

The NAU First Amendment Plaza on a sunny day

Where’s the best place in Flagstaff to grab a bite to eat?

Toasted Owl, eastside

The Toasted Owl Cafe eastside location covered in snow in Flagstaff, AZ
(📸: @thetoastedowlcafe)

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Let it go!

What is one tip every Lumberjack should know?

Drink lots of water. 💦

What is something students might not know about you?

I am a strengths coach!

Describe your typical day on campus

I usually get to campus early so I can get to class early to make sure everything is working properly. And then, I teach class, have office hours, and teach class again before returning home to, hopefully, grade.

On the weekends where can we expect to find you?

I would like to say in Sedona, but I’m probably just watching TV instead.

My favorite thing about working at NAU?

The School of Communication is full of creative and interesting people!

What is your favorite summer vacation spot?

What’s a vacation??

Favorite Flagstaff summer activity?

Sedona! 🌄

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