Professor Spotlight: Amy Horn

Photography Professor, School of Communication

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Teaching photography at Northern Arizona University combines my passion for travel, education and photography. I have been sharing my knowledge in software and photography related fields in both secondary and post-secondary levels since 1995. Currently, I serve as a volunteer and instructor for the Friends of Arizona Highways Photo Workshop team which provides me opportunities to educate and learn from others while traveling around our beautiful state.


Q: Hometown?

A: Flagstaff, AZ since 1993

Q: Blue or gold?

A: Blue

Q: Do you prefer Flagstaff summer or winter?

A: I do love the changing seasons but look forward to summer more.

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Q: Do you prefer the spring or fall?

A: Definitely Fall. Spring is too windy!

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Q: When did you come to NAU & why?

A: Fall 2010 for a one-year position. I was ready for a change from teaching high school.

Q: What is your favorite spot on campus?

A: I enjoy the grassy areas around Old Main. The history and architecture draw me in every time. A great place to sit and read or relax.

Q: Where’s the best place on campus to grab a bite to eat?

A: I tend to pack a lunch most days but if I am in a hurry it is Einstein’s otherwise, I enjoy 1899.

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Q: What is your favorite picture on your phone?

A: This is a photo of my son running in the snow. He trains year-round for different ultra races and we crew for him in many races. After capturing the image, I processed it on the phone with the Rollworld app to get the effect you see here.

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Q: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

It is so easy to give up when something doesn’t go my way. Thinking of this advice gets me back in focus to achieving my goals.

Q: What is a tip every Lumberjack should know?

A: It’s about the people — Making personal connections with other classmates and/or professors will go far.

Our world is based on who you know as well as what you know.

Take a moment and talk to the student sitting next to you. You may discover a long lasting friendship.

Q: What do you want your students to walk away with from your class?

A: I want them to know the photographic techniques I teach them, but more importantly, I hope they share my passion for creating images.

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Q: What is something students might not know about you?

A: I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. Ha, I completed a 3000 foot static line parachute jump in college. You have to enjoy life!

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at NAU?

A: Working with the students and seeing their creativity. I appreciate the flexibility I have in working on my own projects as well.

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Q: Describe your typical day on campus.

A: I walk to campus about 9 am daily capturing images with my iPhone as the weather changes. Then, I prep for classes, grade, teach and then walk home. I teach the following classes:

  • COM 101 Communication Analysis
  • PHO 181 Communication Photography
  • PHO 282 Introduction to Digital Workflow
  • PHO 285 Intermediate Photography
  • PHO 488C Senior Capstone

Q: On the weekends where can we expect to find you?

A: I spend many weekends teaching for Arizona Highways Photo Workshops. So, if I am not teaching a workshop for them, I am often scouting for photo locations or traveling with family. This past year I taught in Greer, Payson, Prescott, Cottonwood and have a trip to Bisbee scheduled soon.

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Photography allows me to forget my fast paced life and capture the color surrounding me daily. Specializing in event, product and detail photography, my work has been published in the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Reserve interpretive center, Gold Prospectors Association Magazine and in annual solo exhibits.

Q: What’s your favorite photograph you’ve ever made?

A: That is a tough question. And it could change next month. But this photo I shot a year ago in my studio of water. I create waves and capture them in motion. I love that each of these images are so different.

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Q: What do you like most about photography?

A: Photography fascinates me. Even if someone is standing next to me with a camera, we see the world differently. I love that. It’s my way to express what I feel from that scene and it is unique to me.

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