Professor Spotlight: Emy Tice

Whether you’ve had her in a Finance class or bumped into her while stand up paddle-boarding down one of Arizona’s rivers, it is no doubt that Professor Emy Tice is a wealth of support and knowledge for students here at NAU!

A: Born in Grand Forks, ND, grew up in Phoenix but I have lived in Flagstaff for 30 years now, so I guess Flagstaff is my hometown now.

A: Blue

A: Both! I enjoy all seasons in Flagstaff.

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A: Fall

A: I came to NAU for my undergraduate degree, stayed for a graduate degree, then began teaching part-time after grad school along with my first career running a company.

I started teaching full time 9 years ago.

A: North campus in the open space by Old Main.

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A: Café Daily Fare

A: Grand Tetons, Grand Teton National Park outside Jackson, WY, May 2018

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Grand Tetons

A: Instead of complaining about a problem, come up with a solution and present that instead!

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A: You have chosen a special place and wonderful school to get your education. Make the most of your time here including getting involved in campus activities and the Flagstaff community. Get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature right here in your backyard!

A: Practical/applicable knowledge and critical thinking skills

A: I earned my CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designation in 2014 and I work as a Financial Planner for WT Wealth Management. I love helping clients make a financial plan so they can feel confident about their futures!

A: Arrive about an hour before class or when office hours begin, teach classes, office hours in between, work a little after classes are finished, head home. Long, productive days.

A: Outside! On my SUP (Stand up Paddle-board) on the river, on my mountain bike, on my skis, or on any self-propelled toy that I can play on outside during all seasons of the year.

A: Watching my students grow and learn and graduate and have successful careers.

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