3 Ways to Reboot Your Habits This Spring

1. Assess Where You’re At

Shawnee McDowell discussed post-traumatic growth, the idea that when we experience trauma we look to rebuild something better than what we had before. In what ways can your life or health be better than they were before 2020?

2. Plan Exercise in Your Week

Frank Micale of the College of Health and Human Services shared a few guidelines for exercise habits. He suggests 150 minutes of moderate activity per week, which could be broken into:

  • 2 sessions per week of strength training
  • 20–60 minutes of a rigorous workout 3 times per week

Micale is a fan of getting the planner out on a Sunday night and scheduling in the days in the following week when he’ll get those exercise sessions in.

He says focusing on process-oriented goals — such as a certain amount of days to exercise — is more important that setting outcome-oriented goals, such as trying to lose 10 pounds.

The real goal is to make exercise as normal and important as brushing your teeth every day.

3. Make Incremental Dietary Changes

Jay Sutliffe of the Department of Health Services expressed the importance of making small, incremental changes over time regarding nutrition. A big part of making healthy food choices is in the planning. Having the right food in the house is the best place to start.



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