Reposting — Are You Doing it Correctly?

Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due

We all love to share a good photo.

What does “asking for permission” really mean? If you have your own hashtag and encourage people to post with it to get featured — is that enough?

NO. Always Ask Permission!

Your guiding principle should be that all UGC (User Generated Content) is, by default, copyrighted by the owner or creator of that content.

If you see a photo you’d like to share — always ask permission from the photo’s creator. This can be as simple as leaving a comment on the image or sending the creator a DM.

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Do Your Homework

When resharing posts, double check the captions to see if that post is a user-generated image. If so, always give credit back to the original source.

Once you get the approval — share the right way

— Avoid edits

Avoid making edits to the Instagram photo you chose to repost. That image is still someone else’s- even if you got permission to use it.

— Placement of the photo credit

Always aim to place photo credit in the first three lines of your text. If it’s too far below, it may look as if you’re passing it off as your own.

Here are a few ways you can give credit within your photo caption:

  • Credit: @username
  • Photo credit: @username
  • Moment captured by @username
  • 📷 by @username
  • Thanks to @username for sharing this image with us.

— Tag the user

Give photo credit and tag the user too. Sometimes the person in the photo is not the same person who posted the photo. The more ways you can show you’re giving credit where it’s due, the better.

Instagram update: Sharing user posts to Insta stories

New to Instagram, you can share a user’s post or Insta Story you’re tagged in to your own Instagram Story.

You can do this by clicking share — and then instead of sending it to someone, you can send it to your own story.

From there you can add text, stickers and gifs to your liking!

This Instagram feature displays two different ways — With account info tagged at the bottom left corner, or posted as a snapshot of the users Instagram with account info at the top and text on the bottom.

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Image for post
Image for post
Image for post

Remember to tag the user’s content you are reposting with your own text for proper etiquette.

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Ways You Can Reshare

Why reshare posts? So many reasons → Think of it as another way to give a shout out, recognize and engage your audience.

Running a promotion? Share submitted posts to drum up excitement and increase #FOMO.

You may want to consider resharing posts in these ways:

  • Showcase your audience (i.e. a Day in the Life and add tagged content)
  • Highlight events (Ask your audience to share pictures during event and share them throughout the day)
  • Share news or updates related to your area or audience.
  • Cross-promote your own Instagram posts to your stories for added reach to more of your audience.
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#LumberjackTip Add text to show your followers how to use this new feature, especially if there’s a call to action involved

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