Skip the coffee — 10 ways to wake yourself up without caffeine

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4 min readApr 23, 2018


Because all those lattes can get a little expensive!

If your mornings are a struggle and you need a pick-me-up, try these caffeine-alternatives and start your mornings without the coffee

Squeeze in a workout before your day starts

Set your alarm 30 minutes early and get in a quick run, bike, or swim before class. You’ll get your blood pumping, endorphins flowing, and be in a better mood for the day!

Bonus: When you can’t make it to gym, try these at-home workouts

2. Try apple cider vinegar

Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a cup of water along with a squeeze of lemon for a quick drink to jump-start your digestive system in the morning. It might not be a cup of tea but its a good way to wake up and let your body reset after a long night of sleep!

3. Put on your favorite pump-up playlist

Nothing stars your day off better than a jam session to your favorite pump-up songs. Sing at the top of your lungs or dance around as you get ready for your day for an instant mood-boost. Looking for an awesome morning-hits playlist? Listen to ours here.

4. Meditate and stretch

Practice mindful meditation for 15 minutes each morning, clearing your mind and wiping the slate clean for the new day. You’ll put yourself in a good head space to handle everything that the day can throw at you.

5. Drink a glass of ice cold water

Drinking an ice cold glass of water has been shown to speed up your metabolism throughout the entire day and get your digestive system a morning wake up call — not to mention it helps you get going on your daily water needs!

6. Knock out some of your afternoon chores

Giving your bathroom a quick wipe down, or folding half of that pile of laundry on your bed before you leave for the day can cut down your afternoon shore list substantially. If you’re already up, why not get started and make the end of your day a little easier?!

7. Call your parents

Take a moment in the morning and give your family a call, they will appreciate hearing from you and it will make you feel more at ease before starting your day! After all, your mom is probably just going to call you in the middle of class anyway.

8. Take a cold shower

Shock your system and really get going by hopping in a cold shower. If you are looking for a quick way to wake up and get your say going, this is your number one tip to try! Can’t handle an ice cold shower? — try starting with cool water and work your way to cold for a milder start to your day

9. Eat breakfast

Ditch the boring cereal and whip up something you can look forward to. Don’t have time to cook in the mornings? — Prep your ingredients the night before and toss them all in a pan, you’ll be excited to wake up and eat a hearty meal before starting your day

10. Jump start your brain

Try a crossword or Sudoku puzzle to give your brain a morning workout as well. You’ll be primed and the gears will be turning before you even get to class!



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