Event promotion with Snapchat geofilters

Thousands of snaps are sent every minute. Filters help us enhance our message and inject fun into each other’s days.

Whether it’s for a club event, department celebration, or conference — geofilters make it easy to share what’s going on and more importantly, generate excitement.

Just like your events, Snapchat creates a temporary experience that can have an incredible impact.

Ready to create?

Follow our guide 👇🏼

Step 1: Design

This is the fun part! Get creative.

On the web

Visit snapchat.com/on-demand and following these steps.

  • Choose a template on the left-hand side 🤔
  • Choose a color palette on the right-hand side 🎨
  • Write in new text and choose different fonts ✍️
  • Upload new pictures right from your computer 📤
  • You can even get your Bitmoji in the mix! 👯

Not seeing anything that pops out? You can upload your own geofilter after creating it in Photoshop or Illustrator.


  • Create an image on a 1080 by 1920 pixel large file with a transparent background
  • Leave enough free space available so viewers can see their image content behind the design. Best practice: use only use the top or bottom 25% of the screen
  • Save>Save for Web (Legacy)’ and select the ‘PNG-24’ preset from the drop down menu. Make sure you save your image as a PNG so the background is transparent.

Snapchat App

Now you can design your custom geofilter straight from your phone!
Settings > On-Demand Geofilters > Continue > What’s the Occasion? > Select Your Template > Customize Text & Add Stickers > Set Your Date & Time > Set Your Location > Review & Submit

Not a designer? No problem. Use tools like Canva that offer additional templates for you to choose from and customize.


In Canva add your twist to a geofilter or create one from scratch in minutes. Here’s how: Select a templates > Add custom text & elements > Download (in .png)

Once you have your geofilter, head over to Snapchat and upload.

Here’s a preview of NAU’s community geofilters.

Step 2: Map it out

Once you have your design, set your launch date.

Be strategic and think about when the largest amount of your audience will be in attendance. If you have a three day event, it may make the most sense to only run it on the first day.

Timing Think about when your audience is going to spend the most amount of time on their phone.

Set your geofence

Click & drag on points to edit your geofence — this is the area your geofilter will be available. The smaller the space, the cheaper the filter.

If your event is at the Union, it wouldn’t make sense to have it stretch all across campus. Place the geofence where you’ll be for the majority of your event.

Step 3: Get approval 👌

Download/screenshot & send your design to social@nau.edu for approval prior to purchasing your geofilter.

Step 4: Purchase

If your geofilter is approved by NAU Social, you’ll be good to submit your geofilter and have it reviewed by Snapchat within one business day.

If approved by Snapchat, you’re ready to go!



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