Social Recap: July 2017

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When you’re in a college town known for its Fourth of July celebrations — you go big. We shared the excitement of the parade and the day on all our social channels.

Some did well, some not so much. Lesson learned: 10,000 people at the downtown parade will never allow us to do livestreams. Or at least high quality streams for more than three minutes. While our livestreams failed, we did collect a lot of material we’ll be able to utilize and repurpose for the future.

Facebook: Mastering the art of the share

64,342 likes (+406), 276,311 monthly reach

When our Jacks are away, we focus on sharing content that will keep them engaged and excited to return to NAU. As we plan our coverage, we make sure to spread out our content that we believe will be high-performing. As such, we sometimes hold on to news and items and share at a later and more opportune date.

This was the case with our #1 social media engagement ranking and a video shared with us from Professor Mehmedinović.

Top performing content for the month also included posts that brought back nostalgia.


During the summer, a number of questions roll in from incoming freshman regarding housing. To address the new changes this year, we designed a Live Stream campaign. We took questions beforehand and during which were answered by our RAs.

Twitter — in this moment now

31,981 followers (+830), 1,400,000 impressions, 612 mentions

Our in-the-moment and trending content helped us gain 830 followers, keeping up with nearly 612 mentions this month.

Keeping up with #NationalFrenchFryDay.

Through our Twitter content, we shared why life in the 🌲 is best and helpful tips for students and their families for making the move to NAU.

The lifespan of a tweet is short. How do you keep your account fresh and engaging? By mixing up your content.

We post a variety of media to share our news and connect with our audience. From gifs, pictures, videos, memes and emoji — don’t be afraid to add these.

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If you have a question about how it will be received, look at your audience and their interests. Look to see what types of content your followers (and those you follow are posting). This can help guide what you do. Try it out and adapt as needed. Because remember, no one will remember what you tweeted yesterday. That was so 24 hours ago.

Instagram — sharing the beauty of NAU

28,943 followers (+316)

July brought the return of the monsoons and #InstaNAU quality pics. From sharing our #MyNAUview on campus to user generated content around town, we hit the engagement mark and treated our audience to a mix of life in Lumberjack Country.

Tip: Take advantage of Instagram’s search features. Search by location and hashtag to find user generated content. If you see something that catches your eye but the timing isn’t right to post — tap the save button. This allows you to save it to a collection and have user-generated content on hand.

Our National Hammock Day post that earned an 8.36% engagement rate was originally posted during the spring. Because of the save feature, we were able to repurpose it and post it at the most opportune time.

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This month we also had our first Instagram Takeovers collaborating with alum Christian Marcum.

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3,593 followers (+206)

Of all the platforms we’re on, Snapchat is our most student-centric. Our students not only engage with our content, but they drive our content. As a result, we’ve made our Lumberjack Takeovers a cornerstone of our summer strategy.

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Would handing over our account too much make our viewers tune out? We found the opposite was true. Looking at our stories for the month, our Takeovers were our most popular and had the highest open rates and completions as well.

Lumberjack Tip: If you’re going to do a Takeover, set some ground rules.

In order to takeover our NAU Social Snapchat, Lumberjacks have to apply by filling out our form. Once a date is coordinated for the Takeover, Lumberjacks have to provide a completed storyboard or outline of what they intend to do.

While this adds more steps on our part and theirs, it allows our Takeover candidates to think about what they’ll do — not only in terms of their story but the elements of it (video vs. picture snap, use of emojis and drawing, music). In addition, it allows our team to go through the story and we can provide feedback as needed.

Also, when dealing with students — the more ways you can communicate with them, the better. Since our application form includes their social media handles, we’ll message them a congrats message and tell them to look out for an email from us. Leading up to the Takeover, our main mode of communication is through texting.

Sam’s Snapchat Takeover from her hometown in Connecticut

Social Updates


Cover Videos — Yes, videos “it’ factor continues. This is a great way to show off what your Facebook page is all about — just keep in mind that your cover video needs to be 820 x 312 pixels.

Link Previews — Facebook announced that they will no longer allow custom photos to replace link preview pictures AND you will no longer be able to customize headline text.


Live Video Replay — Now you can watch live videos, even after they’re over. Only for 24 hours though, so be sure to save the video to repurpose later!

On-Demand Geofilters — You can now create your own custom Snapchat Geofilters for as low as $5.99! You can design the Geofilters online, or straight from the app by going to Settings > On-Demand Geofilters.

Shareable Links — You can now add your own links to Snapchat! Just click the little paperclip on the right and type in your URL.

Backgrounds — With this feature, you can cut out the background on your snap & add a cute print to your snap. Time to get creative!

Voice Filters — You can now remix the sounds on your snap. Just tap the speaker on the bottom left & select from a range of filters to make some noise!

A Look Back, A Look Ahead

Our action packed summer continues. When we’re not coordinating our social activities, we use any down time we have to plan for the upcoming semester. We’re looking forward to finalizing our intern team and starting off the semester #NAUStrong.

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It’s always a great day to be a Lumberjack! Join the conversation and share your #NAU story.

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