Social Recap: September 2017

Back to NAU

While August holds the excitement of starting things anew, September is for getting back into the routine of things. From classes to homework, club life, sports, university events and beyond — our social channels were filled with news, campus happenings, helpful tips and resources to help with the Lumberjack transition. Not just for students, but families too.

Facebook — Mastering the art of the share

65,848 likes (+642), 1,198,751 monthly reach

We continue to share a wide variety of content on our largest platform. We strive to be entertaining, offer value, be relevant, timely and of course, seasonable.

As we discussed in August, to be relevant on Facebook, it’s all about the share. You need to create content that gets the audience to share more of themselves with others. When your audience shares and interacts with your posts, they are exerting peer-to-peer influence, increasing not only engagement but authenticity too.

Aim for emotions.

Usage of reactions continue to rise. While reactions pale in comparison to use of the Like, new data does show more people are selecting the ‘Love’, ‘Ha Ha’ and ‘Angry’ emoji responses, more often.

Reactions and the algorithm

Why does the “love” matter more than the “like”? Reactions carry more weight in the News Feed algorithm.

What does that mean for you? Share posts that invoke emotions and don’t be afraid to use call-to-actions too 👇🏼

Love NAU just as much as we do? Tap the ❤️ and spread the love.

Play into large events

We kicked off the month with College Colors Day. This year, we utilized Facebook frames for the first time.

With over 100 uses, we’re creating ones for Homecoming too!

As the saying goes, traditions are the ties that bind. From sharing NAU’s establishment to newer traditions like Running of the Freshmen — our coverage got our audience walking down memory lane — commenting on their experiences and sharing our posts as well.

South Union Renovation

A walk down memory lane 🚶🏼🍴

We showcased the unveiling of the new DuB by taking viewers through the new dining experience. With 276 comments, our Jacks definitely liked what they saw and continued the conversation by sharing stories from their time at NAU.

National Lumberjack Day 🔨

The perfect opportunity to reinforce Lumberjack pride. On a day like this, less is more: “Share if you’re a proud Lumberjack.”

Livestreaming 🎥

Live video captures the attention. If you have an opportunity to do it — go for it. However, have a plan and be strategic — especially when it comes to choosing what to livestream. This month, we captured Running of the Freshmen so families could be there right along with their Jacks.

Our combined Running of the Freshman Livestreams (multiple due to connection issues) earned 18,462 video views and 188 shares.

Unique events

University campuses are buzzing with activity every single day. We used livestreams to share a mix of student-centric and academic events.

First up — Paws Your Stress, a monthly series where therapy dogs come to campus to help students “paws their stress.”

In partnership with the Flagstaff Festival of Science, we covered the festival’s kickoff featuring keynote speaker Kyle Maynard.

Wrapping up the month, we also put together the official 2017 Homecoming video, combining elements of the past two years and gathering new footage to give it a fresh feel.

Twitter — amplify your voice

33,690 followers (+859), 1,840,000 impressions, 949 mentions

As a result of providing timely, relevant and engaging content, our audience continues to grow — in the last year, we have increased our followers by 53 percent.

What does our audience like best? Capturing the scenic beauty of our campus and our town.

And sharing helpful information too 💯

Twitter, in particular, is extremely helpful in amplifying and reinforcing messages. The real-time nature of the platform helps us get our message across and support our partners.

#LumberjackTip Have an event coming up? Check with those involved to see what social platforms they’re on and don’t forget to tag them or include their handles in your post!

Longer messages

160 character limit no more. Twitter is testing the extension of tweets to 280 characters on Twitter.

Will it affect you?

Doubling tweet lengths will likely reduce the need for “Tweetstorm” conversations. Rather than writing 3 tweets in response to the original, users can put their thoughts into one long (280 characters) tweet and move on. This could actually reduce the amount of back and forth conversation between Twitter users.

Being able to fully answer a question, provide advice or give examples in a longer form tweet sounds great to us. Just make sure to keep in mind, brevity should still be your goal for direct tweets. Expand on responses but keep your main tweets simple.

Instagram — sharing the beauty of NAU

30,298 followers (+433)

Our audience continued to fall in love with NAU. We received more than 63,625 total likes (3.5% more than last month) and 238 comments this month — and hit the 30,000 follower mark! 🍂

Most engaging posts

This month our most engaging posts mirrored our most liked posts. The engagement rate for our most popular post — 11%.

Most comments

Paws Your Stress, NAU Highlander’s vocal competition, the Jesse McCartney concert and a Flagstaff concert rounded out our most commented posts.

Lumberjack Tip: Ask questions, give directions and people will comment and follow 👌🏼

Instagram Stories

We’re always looking for ways to extend our storytelling. This month, we launched our new blog series— #MyLifein5 where Lumberjacks share 5 pictures that sum up their life.

From the pictures submitted, we create an Instagram Story.

And a blog to accompany it — further creating evergreen content.

Our new series will occur every Thursday. We also hope to launch a faculty/staff version as well.

Snapchat- an inside look

4,438 followers (+264)

From Motivation Mondays, Tour Tuesdays and How to Wednesdays to Takeover Thursdays and True Blue Fridays — we’re there.

Our team’s comprehensive coverage included developing storyboards, collaborating with departments and students across campus and producing 28 Snapstories that garnered more than 2400 views per story.

Our best performing story? Our week two coverage that shared Lumberjack tips and highlighted upcoming events.

Our story of healthy living and dorm rooms eat was also extremely popular — receiving 124 screenshots.

Our coverage for the month also included: Lumberjack Adventures, Healthy Living, Study Tips, De-stressing, Dive-in Movies, Flagstaff Color Vibe Run, Phoenix Biomedical Campus Tour, Fall Checklist, Healthy Campus Week, Lumberjack Day and more!

Snapchat (and Instagram Stories) allow us to creatively remind people of campus happenings and events.

This year we’re also trying to get more professors involved on our social media.

It’s been a slow start, but we’ve already lined up the SHRM’s Casino Class and next month we have Professor Mark Montoya. Who’s next?

Social Updates

Ahhh, the era of change.


Snooze Button: Facebook’s most recent update allows you to hit snooze on friends, pages, or groups and unfollow them for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days! This means you can avoid all the chatter about the next get-together or the annoying ads popping up every day. What does that mean for you as a brand manager? You’re going to have to work extra hard to make sure your content is exciting, relevant, and keeps your audience up at night (in a good way)!

Gif Polls: Facebook is testing GIF polls, at recipe for a good time.


Gallery Update: Instagram now allows us to now include multiple image formats in a single post– including landscape and portrait formats of both pictures and videos.

Analytics Monitoring: You can now monitor and respond to Instagram engagement through your correlating Facebook profiles and Pages.

Threaded Comments: Instagram is slowly rolling out threaded comments on the mobile app. Previously, all comments were posted in order, straight down in one line. If you replied to someone but others commented after they did, your conversation will out of order. Not anymore!

Next month: Stay tuned for fall

Family Weekend, Homecoming and crisp air.

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It’s always a great day to be a Lumberjack! Join the conversation and share your #NAU story.

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