Coverage can be unpredictable — here’s a method to organize the madness and keep your story on track

The Rise of The Story Format

Back in 2013, Snapchat introduced a new format of sharing our lives with the world — Snapchat Stories.

With this real-time documentary format, social media users became more raw, real and relatable. From Snapchat Stories — spawned Instagram Stories and Facebook stories too.

A new format, new ways of planning

Even though, Snapchat and Instagram Stories are all about “in the moment” moments, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead.

Have an event coming up? Storyboard it out. Not only does it help you, it helps all those involved.

Why storyboards are helpful

Whether you want a detailed how-to guide for your team or just want to get ideas down for event coverage, storyboards can help you accomplish both and be prepared for anything.

Spread the knowledge

Planning out detailed stories can help transmit ideas and coverage without ideas getting lost in translation from one member to another. #CommunicationWin

Not only can storyboards help your team but those who are in involved with the story as well. Before your coverage, share the storyboard with all those involved. Not only will they be better prepared the day of but they might add some ideas that you hadn’t thought of. Team work = Dream work

Want to use a specific sticker, gif, or filter on your story to give it some extra oompf? Put it in the storyboard so you remember to put it in the image before posting! Or screenshot the sticker, gif, emoji and include as well. Not into drawing? You can always jot it out like this.

Maximize your time and content

Time is valuable at live events. From football games to career fairs and everything in between, story boards can help you maximize your time and be ready when the unexpected happens.

Knowing ahead of time what you need to get pictures or videos of can help you capture what you need while still having time to capture surprise content that may come up at the drop of a hat.

Brainstorming often happens in the process

Let your creativity shine through. Pop in your headphones and envision what your perfect story would be at the specific event — then draw it out and get it down on paper! You’ll be more likely to get that story when the time comes and chances are you’ll come up with creative photo ideas and new content as you go!

Be as detailed as possible to make sure your ideas are easily understood by your team who will be attending the event. If you need to write in the exact text that should be on the image — go for it! Drawing the image you intend to capture is always a good idea too, visual cues are key! And don’t forget: Stick-figures are totally okay!

Templates for the Win

Once you have your story down, think about how you’ll visually present it.

Not a graphic designer? Not a problem. You can find FREE Instagram Story templates and how to use them best.

Need tips on storyboarding or how to get your ideas down in a clear method? We’re here to help! Email us at

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