Congrats! You’ve joined a campus club that is going to help you learn about yourself and the university while building your resume and making some great friends along the way.

Did you know that there are campus resources available to your club to help make things easier?

Here’s what you get FREE access to:

Free Resources

ASNAU provides mailboxes for every student organization that wants one through their office. Stop by to set yours up today!

All student organizations use the same mailing address for these mailboxes:

[Student Organization/Club Name]
PO Box 6036
Flagstaff, AZ 86011

You can customize your club website through the main student organization website True Blue Connects. Use your page’s unique URL to share your hard work with friends and classmates!

You may also want to request an email address for your club. The address can be personalized to reflect your group’s name — for example. This email will be a shared email and can be passed along when new leadership come into office.

Your faculty/staff advisor will need to do this for you by contacting ITS at 928–523–1511 or

Club Headquarters is located on the second floor of the University Union above the Office of Student Life. Through Club Headquarters ASNAU provides supplies and services to registered student organizations at no charge.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Unlimited butcher paper, paint post, and Ellison press use
  • Balloons and helium — 6 dozen per semester
  • Black and white copies — 75 per day
  • 11x17 posters and colored printing — 50 copies per event (3 events/semester)
  • Laminations — 20 per semester
  • Various other crafting supplies

Stop by and check it out Monday-Friday, 9–5pm during the semester!

Looking to get more students involved in your club? Sign up to participate in the Student Involvement Fair held during Welcome Week every fall!

Planning an event? If there’s going to be food, it has to be provided by Campus Dining and Sodexo! But — your club might be eligible to get up to $250 each semester towards catering expenses! Funding applications are due at least 5 business days before he event and can be found through Student Union and Activities.

No Frills Catering is an affordable option designed for you to pick-up at the University Union, room 125 (across from the Hot Spot). No frills events cannot be delivered to your event.

You can apply for catering here.

Hosting a large event? Depending on ticket price and size you might have to work with the Central Ticketing Office (CTO) to distribute tickets, check with Student Unions and Activities to be sure. CTO can also track attendance, distribute tickets, and sell them for you for a fee.

Fees start at about $90, but full details can be found by contacting the Central Ticketing Office.

Marketing & Promotion

Need a place to advertise events or pass out information? Try tabling! There are spots both inside and outside of the Union, DuBois Center, and the Health and Learning Center! Contact Student Unions and Activities to reserve these spots and complete the Event/Activity Approval Request form ahead of time.

Bring a copy of your flyer (that you just printed in Club Headquarters) to the Information Desk in the Union to get it approved and posted next to Student Life or the Hot Spot! Check with specific building managers to get your flyers posted in other buildings. All bulletin boards are cleared on the 1st and 15th so plan accordingly and don’t forget to take the flyers down the day after the event!

Want to post in residence halls? If you bring 70 flyers to Housing & Residence Life they will be given to RAs to post on their bulletin boards. Contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 928–523–3978 for more information.

Student organizations should make every effort to remove their advertising materials the day after the event.

Social media is a great way for your club to advertise your events for FREE! Here’s how to make the most out of it!

  1. Use NAU in your username or page name. It’ll make you easier for our Jacks to find and they’ll know they have the right one!
  2. Upload photos of events, activities, and members. Show off all the cool stuff you’re doing! Just remember, this is a public space so keep it appropriate.
  3. Keep it updated! Consider designating one member to run your social media.
  4. Register your social media with the university and NAU Social to strengthen you social networking and reach a larger audience. Here’s how:
  • Register your social media accounts with NAU
  • Share your events on NAU’s official social media accounts
  • Hashtag and tag NAU to share why Lumberjack life is the best life

Want to reach all of NAU? Email information, pictures and flyers for upcoming events to and to get them posted to the university’s social media accounts.

There’s TV monitors all over campus that you can use to get the word out! Send your ads as a 9:16 image file to for approval to post in the Union, residence halls, and Campus Recreation. Contact department offices for to use the screens in academic buildings.

Student organizations can request a FREE banner to use for events and promotions! To request a banner, email with your content and the date you need the banner by. Allow at least 2–3 weeks before the date you need it for printing. The student organization will be responsible for picking up the banners from the printer at 4980 E. Railhead Avenue, Flagstaff, AZ.

You can also request that your banner hang outside the University Union or DuBois Center to help promote your event. Banners are scheduled once they are received and may remain on display for two weeks as space permits for events taking place on the NAU campus.


While student organizations don’t automatically get funding from the University, here are some ways that you can apply for it.

To apply for funding through ASNAU you’ll need to visit the ASNAU office (room 206 in University Union) to grab an application packet and work with a senator to draft your bill. Completed packets (including the request form, a current budget, plan for using the funding, and supporting information) should be submitted to ASNAU at least 5 business days before the Senate Appropriations Committee meeting, which a representative from your club will need to attend.

Applications take 10 business days to be approved. If approved, the bill will be passed on the to full Senate, a representative from your club must attend this meeting too. If approved by full Senate, ASNAU will reimburse your club up to the amount approved.

The Northern Arizona University STAC provides funding for events that enhance and enrich the lives of students. Student organizations can seek STAC funding for large entertainment events ($5000 and over) and small-scale events ($500-$4999) by applying through the Student Life website.

Sodexo may hire student organizations to run the Skydome concession stands during football and basketball games. Your group will need at least 12 volunteers per stand. If you have less than 12, you might be able to work as hawkers in the stands or on the concourse! Email David Nelson at or Alan Keay at for more information.

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