♻️ Sustainability — NAU Style 🌲

In northern Arizona, the outdoors is our playground.

Surrounded by the earth’s natural beauty — it’s on all of us to preserve our backyard, our home, our planet.

Looking for ways to be more green? Check out our sustainability tips below and learn more about NAU’s campus-wide programs and resources available.

View of NAU campus with Mount Humphrey’s in the background and a bright blue sky.

♻️ 7 Sustainability Tips ♻️

🥖 Shop Local 🪴

Did you know you can buy local produce and other products right here on campus…with your meal plan?!

Open-Air Market sign on white canopy on NAU campus.

You’ll find produce from local Flagstaff farms, including many organic and fair-trade products.

Check out the Open-Air Market on NAU’s Union Pedway every Wednesday through the month of April from 11am-2pm.

♺ Join the Campus O2G0 Reuse Program 🍱

Campus Dining and the Green Fund partnered together to create OZZI, a revolutionary system to reduce waste from traditional disposable take-out containers.

⬇️ How it works ⬇️

  • To join the program, ask any of the participating dining locations to serve your food in an OZZI cup or container for a one-time fee of $5.
  • Enjoy your food anywhere, and when you’re done, return your container at one of the return stations found in Union Point or South Dining.
  • When you return your container you will receive a token.
  • Next time you order food, ask for it to be served in a reusable OZZI container and when you pay for your meal they will take your token.

Use OZZI at the following locations:

  • Star Ginger
  • Cobrizo Mexican Grill
  • Turnip the Greens
  • G’s New York-Style Deli
  • Bean and Beaker
  • Scholar’s Corner
  • Einstein’s
  • Starbucks (both at Union and South)
  • Coffee and Bagels
  • Jazzman’s
  • Green Scene
  • The Coupe

💧 Use a Reusable Water Bottle 🚰

Our best solution to the waste problem caused by plastic water bottles also happens to be one of the most economically beneficial ones — carry your own reusable bottle with when you leave home.

Similar to how making coffee at home is more affordable than going out for your daily latte, the same holds true for reusable water bottles.

For the recommended 64 ounces of water per day, bottled water costs $1,800 a year, which is 26 times more than filtered tap water.

Making the one-time investment of buying a reusable bottle you love saves you money & helps the earth!

Bring your own water bottle with you and refill it at water fountains, dining locations and water-refill locations across campus.

🚲 Reduce Your Footprint 👣

Now that it’s warming up, take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air by taking an NAU yellow bike through campus.

Louie Lumberjack and a female student ride yellow bikes through NAU campus.

The Yellow Bike program provides free access to bikes for students, staff and faculty, reducing NAU’s carbon footprint and reducing traffic congestion on campus.

You can rent a yellow bike for up to 7 days, which comes with a lock, key and helmet.

Learn more about renting a yellow bike through NAU Campus Services.

♼ Get Thrifty 🧢

Need to do some shopping? Look around before opting for something new.

  • Follow @nauthriftjacks on Instagram to learn about clothing swaps, upcycling and other thrifting opportunities on campus.

>>NAU Social team member Megan Ruangchamneil shares her best thrifting tips in her recent post: 5 Ways to Save the NAU Way.

An NAU student browsing through clothes at the Open-Air Market.

🥗 Go Plant-Based 👩‍🍳

Plant-based eating has several benefits for the environment. Even if you can’t commit to it as a way of life, going plant-based once a week on a regular basis can make a difference.

Stumped for ideas?

NAU has a digital Plant-Based Student Cookbook with plenty of tasty recipes for all meals of the day.

(📸: @naugreenjacks)

👋🏼 Become a Sustainability Ambassador 👋🏼

If you want to take a deep dive into sustainability efforts and be part of NAU’s solution — join the Sustainable Ambassadors Program.

The program is open to all students in any major and offers a practical and meaningful experience.

Students have the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about climate change, sustainability, and how to tackle these issues in their future profession and life.

  • Learn how you can make a difference and put your knowledge into action
  • Develop an important skill set for the future
  • Take part in NAU’s flourishing sustainability community
  • Gain access to solutions-focused seminars from some of NAU’s top talent
  • Build your resume and demonstrate your capability in tackling sustainable issues
  • Earn a badge for your resume and Linkedin account!
(📸: @naugreenjacks)

Ready to get more involved in the flourishing NAU sustainability community?

These are just a few ways you can help work toward green initiatives on campus.

Visit Green NAU to learn more about how you can make a difference.



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