The Online Transition — Making Lemonade When We Get Lemons

Adapting to Change in Uncertain Times

By Tom Filsinger, Lecturer, Psychological Sciences

We are living in unprecedented, fast-changing times during a worldwide pandemic. This requires extraordinary adjustments to our lifestyle.

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One of the large lecture rooms I taught in

I posted a poll at my Twitter account a couple weeks ago where I asked students, “What are your thoughts about classes going online?” This poll was posted when going online for the semester was still only a rumor. 45 students responded to the poll. The most common response (51%) was, “Nervous about it.” The next (40%) was “Wait and see how it goes.” Only 9% said “Look forward to it.”

Speaking for myself, I have modified my courses to be as simple and straightforward as possible for my students. Whether I succeed or not will be determined over time. I am keeping communication channels open and inviting students to interact with me.

These are hard times for us all. My recommendations for students during these difficult and challenging times:

1. Develop routines and self-discipline

Many students are less comfortable with online delivery. They have became accustomed to the routine of going to classes and being inspired or in some way motivated by their professors for getting class work done. Not going to class reduces the immediacy of that motivation. This means students will need to create routines that will work for them in the comfort of their homes or apartments.

2. Stay engaged with all your classes

Hit the ground running and get engaged in your classes starting now!

3. Reach out to faculty with your concerns

There is wide variation in student’s attitudes, comfort level, and technological prowess for succeeding in online courses.

More time indoors is an opportunity for developing new hobbies, new habits, and evolving and growing as a person.

One of my students said she is taking up painting, another is learning a new language.

Life is always a game of making lemonade when we get lemons.

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Times of crisis are also times to come together as communities to help each other. Reach out and be supportive of others.

Be a source of inspiration and goodwill, keeping in mind: “The good you do comes back to you.”

I look forward to seeing you all again.

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Teaching at NAU pre-online instruction

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