Using Social Media to Your Advantage

The key to any successful event is how well it’s promoted. Here’s where to start and how to maximize your reach!

It’s one of our most-asked questions: “How do we successfully promote our event on social media?”

1. Utilize a Automatic-Content Calendar

To streamline the task of managing and disseminating your message across multiple platforms, schedule out your content ahead of time using a tool like Later, which can schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter throughout the weeks leading up to your event!

  • Cross-platform promotion — think big!
  • Call to Actions (CTAs) and links from your social media to your ticketing provider (if applicable)

2. Monitor Your Performance

Once you’ve got your content ready to go, make sure you’re tracking and evaluating your performance analytics along the way. This will provide insight as to how your audience is responding to your posts so you can strategize any changes for future posts.

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3. Generate FOMO

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4. Make It Share-Worthy

Social media is allllll about the visual. Each platform has features that you can utilize to make your pictures and videos “pop.” Add bold text, stickers and other effects to draw your audience in.

5. Plan your live event coverage

Don’t let your social media stop when the event begins —plan your social media coverage during the event too. Live coverage can push late-comers to get to the event and participate!

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Engage your audience

Engaging your audience before the event is key, but keeping them engaged after the event ends is just as important — try these ideas to keep the energy up!

Before the event

  • Hint at special guests, line-ups, or sneak peeks of what to expect
  • Use Instagram Stories and Snapchat to drum up enthusiasm

During the event

  • Show off your event (or department) hashtag. You can also make an announcement asking people to use your hashtag when they’re posting on social media!
  • Encourage your audience to engage with you & share your message — ask them to live stream, “share using #___”
  • To get people to post on social, run a social media giveaway, which you can track through the hashtag!

After the event

Don’t let your event end when your last guest leaves! Maximize your event’s value by sharing recaps and user posts from the event.

  • Share any mentions that may result, thanking your guests for making it such a success.

Good luck & have fun at your event!

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