Utilizing Facebook for all its features

Don’t forget about these options

We’ve said it many times before, yes your Facebook reach is shrinking. By how much? By as much as 20%.

However, while your page reach may shrink, Facebook has many other features you can take advantage of and benefit from.

We’re breaking it down:

Create a group

Groups are considered part of family and friends network. This means that activity within Groups will get more exposure than activity from Pages.

How does this affect you? Are you part of program that admits new students every year? Engage them right from the start by creating a Facebook group. Decide if you’ll want to create a group each year (i.e. for each new class) or have a group that caters to both groups.

Utilize your other networks

Is your Instagram your star account? Show it off on your Facebook by utilizing Facebook apps like Instatab or Instagram page app where you can add your Instagram gallery to your page.

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Run an Instagram campaign lately? Don’t be afraid to cross promote it and showcase your user-generated content on Facebook too.

Take a tour

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Virtual tours are a great way to show off campus, especially during the changing of the seasons or areas of peak student recruitment.

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Take it up a notch and try a Insta or Facebook Live — taking your users on a live, interactive tour of campus. All you need is your phone, a good connection and enthusiastic tour guides.

Create and promote your events

Use Facebook to help spread the word. When someone indicates they’re going on or interested in an event, Facebook then shows this status to friends in the News Feed. This can help attract more people to your event.

Tip: After creating an event, make sure to send NAU Social the link to the calendar event or request the NAU Flagstaff page add the event to our page.

Bonus — Still looking for more exposure? Try boosting your event to receive more visibility or increase RSVPS.

Check Your Inbox

Don’t forget to actively check your inbox or your group for messages left. Timeliness is key in responding to user questions or directing them to their answer.

Try Lists

A new option to boost engagement and interaction — — lists.

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When composing your status update, you’ll be able to select ‘Lists’ from the various options available (Polls, Check-In, Ask for Recommendations, etc.). Once selected, you’ll be given a new template to put together your list — you can add in your various responses.

Lists seem like a prime candidate for prompting discussion and interaction.

Keep on keeping on

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