What Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Means to Me

Megan and her dad drinking Taro Milk Tea Boba

It means that I have the privilege of having unique experiences that I can call mine. It means that the hard work and struggles that my family went through in order to get to where they are today does not go unrecognized and can be seen in me.

Family portrait taken in Thailand with traditional Thai clothing
Beauty pageant at the Thai Temple in 2016
Pad thai and mango sticky rice

By making efforts to learn, understand and immerse yourself into these incredible cultures instead of sitting in comfort of ignorance.

Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash

The misconception I want to clear up is that we are not the same. We are not all Chinese or Japanese or Korean. We are a diverse race of people who come from all over Asia. It’s difficult being lumped under an umbrella term where there are numerous counties in Asia. We are not the same.

Be willing to learn, respect, and appreciate other cultures. Keep an open mind and be considerate of the questions you ask or words you say.

Being Asian to me means being part of something that is bigger than me. I am constantly surprised by the depth of my culture and the power it holds.

Being an Asian-American Pacific Islander means I am able to share my culture with my close friends and educate them about different aspects. Being open and willing to share my story and my experiences.

I believe people can be better allies by learning about our culture as well as being open minded!

Creating ways to strengthen the bonds through education between the U.S. and China will also benefit the rest of humanity.

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