Stay safe and warm with these Lumberjack-approved winter tips!

The wind has a chill…The leaves are almost gone, the clouds roll in, and the sun is gone by six in the evening — all combining to let us know of the coming winter here in Flagstaff.

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And of course, with winter, comes snow. Whether this is your first-time seeing snowfall or you’re a winter-seasoned veteran, here are some helpful tips to stay warm and safe this cold season!

It might be common sense, but the best way to stay warm is to dress in layers!

It can be hard to tell just how cold it is outside especially if you’re not used to cold temperatures during the winter months. Sometimes there may still be snow on the ground, but the sun will be out to heat things up a little. Or it could be windy adding extra chill to the air. Do you need to go all out with double beanies, scarfs, mittens and three coats? Well, if that is what is comfortable for you then absolutely!

Everyone handles the cold differently, but one thing to remember is that it is easier to take layers off. Leaving your house with a few layers you can take off during the day can be batter than leaving without enough and being cold. Carrying around a bulky jacket can be a bit bothersome but the temperature changes as it gets later so it is usually worth it. If necessary, you can keep extra jackets and clothing in your car just in case!

Snowy weather driving can be a new challenge for some Lumberjacks — so take it slow!

Driving in the snow is not an easy feat. Thankfully the city of Flagstaff is very good at clearing the streets on nights when it snows. However, ice is a risk you always need to be on the lookout for! Watch your speed, especially when turning and coming to a stop, and it is a good idea to invest in some chains for your tires.

You may also need to get up a little earlier than you normally do to scrap off ice and warm your car up. And remember — always make sure you can see through all of your car windows before driving.

If you think a good jacket is the most important winter wardrobe staple, think again!

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Just last year, Flagstaff received record breaking snow fall of nearly three feet in under twenty-four hours. Whether you’re a stranger to Flagstaff winters or a senior used to a making the trek through snow to campus — Waterproof boots are some of the best purchases you can get! As it starts to warm up a bit later, the snow become slushy and you’ll want to protect your feet if you have to step into a few puddles.

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Good traction is also helpful for ice that will form overnight. You can even look for chains/clips for your shoes similar to tire chains if you want to be extra careful not to slip!

Whether you plan to play in the winter wonderland or stay inside huddled up, here’s hoping your winter is full of fun and you stay safe using some of these tips learned! Happy winter!

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