You asked, We Answered: Move In Edition

All the questions you submitted about move in, answered.

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When is #NAUMoveIn?

August 22nd and 23rd. Schedule a move-in appointment here.

*Note: You can move in before those dates for a fee unless you are attending the August orientation sessions.

What was your experience when you first moved in as a freshman?

When I moved into my residence hall as a freshman, I got there a little early so that I could move in earlier than my roommate.

I was nervous, but I quickly realized everyone was nervous and it made making friends super easy!

How long is each appointment?

Move-in appointments are 20 minutes giving you enough time to check in and unload your belongings at your residence hall before moving your vehicle to one of the designated parking areas.

What if it takes longer than your scheduled move in time to finish?

If you think you might go over on time — unload everything from the car so that it can be moved out of the unloading zone.

Then you can continue to bring your stuff up to your room.

#LumberjackTip Take advantage of the Welcome Jacks — they help unload and carry your stuff!

If Orientation is the same week as #NAUMoveIn do we stay in our own dorms?

You can stay in your residence hall if you sign up for move-in before your Orientation at no extra charge.

If you are are NOT registered for orientation the next day, you WILL be charged an early move-in fee.

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Do I have to register to move in? If so, how do schedule a move in time?

Yes, log into your Housing Portal to schedule yourself a move-in appointment time. Be sure to print out your confirmation so it can be placed on your dashboard.

Since Welcome Week starts the 22nd, are we allowed to move in on that day?

Yes, you can select to move in that day. Visit your Housing Portal to schedule an appointment time.

We have a 20 minute slot, how early should we be or should we show up on time?

Move in appointments are 20 minutes in length, allowing you to check in and unload your belonging before moving your vehicle to one of the designated parking areas. It is recommended to show up on time.

How chaotic are the halls going to be during move in?

All residents must schedule a move-in appointment for their arrival. This ensures a smooth and positive move-in experience for all — and reduces traffic congestion on campus.

What should you do to make move in smooth?

Take advantage of the large moving carts that NAU provides! You can move a lot more of your stuff without having to carry it! Use the unloading zones to drop everything off so you can avoid a long walk with your stuff, and remember to always keep your Jacks Card on you!

Also, Be sure to print your move-in appointment confirmation and place on your dashboard so it is visible through your windshield.

Is it better to move in at a different time than your roommate?

It can be easier to move in at a different time than your roommate, so that you have room to unpack and get settled.

When do you meet your roommate?

You will meet your roommate during your move in time if you both plan on moving in during regular move in times. You can also meet your roommate earlier by planning a meet up or coffee date before hand, if you want!

How long does move in take?

It depends on what services you utilize. Move-in appointments are 20 minutes in length and you can get assistance from the “Welcome Jacks” to help you unload your belongings and get settled quickly!

When the move in time is a range like 9am-4pm can you come any time?

No, you will actually log into your Housing Portal to schedule yourself a move-in appointment time.

What are some important rules for parents on move in day?

While there are no hard and fast rules for parents, we do want to remind everyone to observe traffic and parking directions and reinforce that parents/guests are not allowed to stay in the residence halls during move in.

Also, NAU is a Tobacco-Free Campus. Smoking and all other tobacco use on campus is prohibited.

Explain the purpose of signing up for a move in slot….

This ensures a smooth and positive move-in experience for all, and reduces traffic congestion on campus.

What if your Orientation is on the same day as move in?

Try to schedule your move-in for the day before your orientation so that you don’t miss out on any of the programming !

Moving tips?

Take advantage of the Welcome Jacks! Label your boxes.

How much room will I have for clothes?

Closet dimensions vary by residence halls, you can find more information per residence hall on the Housing & Residence Life website.

Can you put tacs in the walls?

Residents may decorate their residence hall rooms with posters and other similar decorations as long as they do not cause damage to or permanently alter the room.

#LumberjackTip What works well? Command hooks and wall putty!

Am I allowed to bring a TV?

Yes! Tv’s are allowed, each room has Ethernet & Wifi Connection.

What’s the best way to organize your dorm?

To create more space try lofting beds together or lofting a single bed and storing your desk underneath. Storage containers are great additions that don’t take up too much space. Talk with your roommate/roommates to figure out what works best for your dorm room!

Can you loft your bed? Can a dorm with 2 twin beds be bunked?

Yes! Speak with one of the resident assistants about how specifically — you can loft or bunk your beds!

Does the campus provide appliances?

Yes, each room will have a fridge. Find suggestions for what to bring here.

Is the floor carpeted?


Are mattresses included? What size are they?

Yes! Residence Halls come with an extra large twin mattress measuring 36″x80″x7″.

Whats the best thing to bring that kids don’t think of?

Plenty of command strips, you may already have this on your list, but chances are you don’t have enough! Best to grab that extra pack while you’re already stocking up ;)

Will microwave fit on top of fridge?

It depends on what size microwave you bring, but you are allowed to bring one 700 watts or less! They generally do fit on top of the refrigerator though!


Pets are not allowed (except for fish in reasonable numbers & in appropriate containers — 5 gallons max.)

Can I bring a computer (aka a desktop)?

Yes! While not required, having a computer of some sorts is extremely helpful. If you don’t have a computer, you can take advantage of one of our computer labs found across campus.

What things are allowed and not allowed in the residence halls?

Some of the things you can bring to college with you are bedding, computers and games, toiletries, medicines, and decorations! Things that won’t be allowed in the residence halls are hot plates, fridges, toasters, grills, any weapons/firearms, and candles. For a complete list of things that are not allowed, visit What to Bring Guide.

What do the dorms look like?

Each hall varies slightly. Take a look at our 3D floor plans.

Can we see what South Village looks like?

Yes! Here is an inside look at South Village:

What does Sechrist look like?

What does Tinsley look like?

Check it out:

Where’s the unloading zone for Raymond?

Each residence hall has a designated unloading zone that can accommodate a certain number of vehicles at a time. This corresponds with the number of available move-in appointments offered at each arrival time. Move-in appointments are 20 minutes in length, allowing you time to check in and unload your belongings at your residence hall before moving your vehicle to one of the designated parking areas.

Review the directions to your hall’s unloading zone and download the move-in map to assist you in arriving at your scheduled time.

Where do you park for Mountain View?

Mountain View students can park in the mountain view garage — P96C.

Can we see international student dorms?

Yes, here is a look at Campus Heights!

Because Honors dorm isn’t done, how much should we get beforehand for the room?

The Honors Residence Hall will be completed for move in! See our What to Bring guide.

Does Gabaldon have elevators?

Yes! There is an elevator in the aspen wing of Gabaldon.

As a freshman can you have a room to yourself?

Single housing is not an option unless a student has a disability and is approved by Disability Resources.

Do you help with apartment outside of college?

We do offer a variety of resources for students choosing to live off campus. Check out our Off-Campus Housing page.

How does it feel to live on campus? I am from Phoenix.

Living on campus is awesome! There is a community of people your age who are all interested in learning and making friends. Also, it is definitely not as hot as Phoenix…

Any appliances that are forbidden for fire hazard?

Yes, things like toasters, grills, and hotplates are not allowed. Please visit What to Bring for a more exhaustive list of prohibited items.

Things to do in Flagstaff?

Check out our downtown! There are a lot of great restaurants, shops, and exciting activities happening that give you a real feel for what Flagstaff is all about.

I haven’t had Orientation yet, what do I do about books and supplies?

Wait until you attend your first classes before purchasing books and supplies. Sometimes professors will prefer specific editions or provide some supplies, so it is better to wait and see before making those purchases.

I applied for housing and still have not received room assignments …

We recommend getting in contact with Housing and Residence Life asap. Their email is and their phone number is 928–523–3978.

Keep calm and get your Move-In On! We can’t wait to have you on campus!

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